A new Orphanage option?

I just drew the Townhouse and there is an option for my Orphanage that I have not seen before.

It’s called &quotInvite a Correspondent acquaintance to educate the orphans&quot, has a pot of violant as an icon, costs 2 Actions, has Scheme 6 requirement (and no Airs requirement) and appears to be an invitation option as with the Conjuror. I have a screenshot but this forum doesn’t seem to allow uploading images. The text of the action is:

It’s all very well to teach them their 'A’s, 'B’s and 'C’s, but there are other, more profound alphabets… This will invite a friend to speak at your Salon, if they have the appropriate Profession.

Make sure they come, or the children will be terribly disappointed. They hope someone’s head will catch fire.

Has anyone seen this before? I don’t have any Correspondent friends and in any case I am grinding my Scheme to get a Laconic Prodigy but obviously very curious about the outcome…

Ooooh, awesome! I do have a Correspondent alt, but he’s out in Port Carnelian right now.

Same here, Lanzo Hoffman is open for business for any orphanages in need of educative assistance!

Goodie! It is nice to see some better options for building a better future for the better children.

On the other hand… well, that is certain a roundabout way of building the Department of Correspondence. Flooding the University with future students that are already your students?

Nice! I would be delighted to teach your orphans and I might enlist another Correspondent’s help in my own orphanage.

I’m a Correspondent. If anyone wants to invite me to see the outcome, I’ll respond.

I am also a Correspondent, and happy to speak at speak at somebody’s Orphanage!

ooh nice. Additional use for my profession. Too bad its on the less popular option.

Also a Correspondent willing to give talks when available!

Upon receiving the invite:

[spoiler] &quot(Name), a believer in progressive education, would like you to teach a class on the Correspondence at their orphanage.&quot

Upon accepting:

&quotThe class is a success. Only one small fire. (Name)'s orphans ask uncannily incisive questions. Afterwards, you collect their Correspondence-scrawled slates. A few bear oblique variations you’ve not seen before. Fruitful accident? Or design? Making Waves is increasing… Connected: Urchins has increased to 59 - Welcome! You’ve gained 15 x Correspondence Plaque (new total 437).&quot

I must say, that’s quite a lovely payout.[/spoiler]

As Eris Jay, I’m a Correspondent with an Orphanage. Oops. But I’m happy to accept invites!
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I’m a Correspondent and would be happy to speak at any and all Orphanages.

Also, the Salon appears to have added an invitation option as well; you can now invite a Crooked-Cross to speak at your salon.

I too am a correspondent willing to speak at any orphanage. Profile: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Illuvatar
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That sounds interesting. I’m also a Correspondent, currently in London, and perennially open to orphanage invitations.

Fascinating! I’m currently an Author, but have been considering becoming a Correspondent. Haven’t ended up doing so, as the benefits of being an Author seemed to outweigh the upgrade.
Glad to see there are new and interesting things for Correspondents! ^_^

Tossing in my Correspondent main character to the list: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Celia~Ashwood is open to new acquaintances who would like to spread interesting and truthful knowledge to the children of the city.

As a Correspondent, can’t I just speak to my orphans myself?

I may as well add my profile to the list while I’m at it:


I would be happy to speak about the Correspondence to anyone willing to listen.

I would also be happy to provide my services. Good to see you all providing a progressive education!

I’ll throw my hat into the ring. It’s gotten a little bit too singed lately anyway.