A New Home

(Note this is my first time role-playing, well, anything and I’m no where near a writer. Also expect grammar and spelling mistakes as dyslexia sucks. Any feed back is welcomed.)
I received a note today from someone I had not talked to in a year or 2. It was my past lover. The person who took my soul. A first I was flabbergasted, he should know exactly what happened after my soul was taken. But as I read a smile crossed my lips. He said he had a present! My thoughts went too his promise 2 years ago: “We can get him back to you if you only give us your soul and do a couple jobs.” Could it be? Could all that work finally pay off? I rushed out my door and to Caligula’s. There I found the devil, classy as ever, waiting for me to arrive. I thought for a second about how I should act. Perhaps anger was the best emotion at this time as I have no love for this devil anymore. Perhaps happiness was the best as the work was finally coming to a stop. Either way I chose a more quiet approach. Letting him say the first words instead of me showing my “feelings”.

“You’ve done well Viti.” He says sipping some vile brandy.

“Yes, well, I try my best.” I say fast, trying to hold my eagerness.

“So you deserve a reward” My hearts skips a beat.

“A new home at the Brass Embassy!” My heart sinks.

After a little catching up I leave to pack up my stuff for my new home. “I’m an idiot. Why would Hell ever let me go that easily.” I murmured. Perhaps they will never let me go. Perhaps they don’t even have his location. Perhaps I should just accept it and move on. I grab my things and head off to the Brass Embassy.
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So sad! (Which is good, because I think that is what you were aiming for!)

Thank you! And yes that is what I was aiming for.

Yes this is what I meant. Also i accidentally hit marked as accepted answer. Crap.