"A New Arrival" seems to be stuck at level 4

I’m not sure this is the right forum; please do redirect me if I’m in the wrong place!

Having blundered my way around for a couple of weeks, I’m just wondering whether my status of &quotA New Arrival&quot is going to remain at level 4, or whether I’ve simply missed something. The wiki seems (and I can understand why) somewhat opaque; I’ve clearly failed my comprehension check ;).

Well I answered this on the introductions thread. So I’ll just copy what I said there.

You need to play a card to reduce your New Arrival quality. It is “A Strange and Lonely Place”, when I started it was only available at your lodgings and, if I remember correctly, the choice changed each time it appeared.

Aha, many thanks and my apologies for missing that information in the introductory thread (which I have read, but clearly not as well as I might!).

I’ve drawn it other places than lodgings I think, so it might have changed.

I wasn’t very clear there - my answer was to you on that thread earlier today but I’m sure that it will be useful information for other New Arrivals.