A name signed with a flourish.

anybody know how to increase &quota name signed with a flourish&quot without publishing.
i had just created a potentially masterful short story without knowing that i had dropped in level, now i am facing losing all of the rare items i spent to get here. if anybody knows about this please tell me, thank you.:)

Can you explain your problem in a little more detail? Do you no longer have access to the “Writer’s Desk” storylet where you were working on that short story?

A Name Signed with a Flourish can only be increased from 0 to 1 by completing a Mushroom Epic from a commission in Veilgarden, from 1 to 2 by concluding a relationship with a honey-sipping jewel thief or heiress, and from 2 to 3 by publishing a “Make Your Name” short story from the Writer’s Desk. Note that the “Make Your Name” short story is on a different branch than all the other Writer’s Desk short stories.

The Writer’s Desk should be available to you to finish a potentially masterful short story as long as you have A Name Signed with a Flourish 2 or higher. But finishing that potentially masterful short story won’t increase your A Name Signed with a Flourish level.

If that level dropped too low for you to see the Writer’s Desk, try doing a mushroom epic or pursuing a relationship with either a honey-sipping jewel thief or heiress.

no that answers it, thank you for the reply. its that i had made a story and wasted a lot of items of good work to do something i didnt need to waste anything on.

If it’s not too late – you can still publish your (potentially) masterful story and sell it – then do another story just for Making Your Name.

Sell the Masterful story, write a new one that only has Potential 40, then publish it under “Name Signed With a Flourish.” It would be a shame to waste all that work, although you still won’t recoup the effort or materials you put into it.

– Mal