A Name Signed With A Flourish

Hi, I’m a bit stuck at the moment. I’ve been working on a short story for a while now, hoping to boost my ‘Name Signed with a Flourish’ from 2 to 3. I got as high a quality as I could get, but publishing it didn’t improve my quality at all. I did succeed, and got a Masterful Short Story for my efforts, but I can’t help but think I’m missing something.

Any tips or advice for improving NSWAF from 2 to 3?

If you have potential 40 and at least 10 pages there should be an option: Make your name publish your story.
You cannot use your Masterful story since you already published it. You can sell it for echoes though.

This question is pretty common, the devs should make it a bit clearer.

Briefly, you need to publish a story with the &quotMake Your Name: Publish a Story&quot option, not with the standard publication options. It only has to be Quality 40 to Make Your Name. You need to write a new, 40-quality tale to Make your Name. You won’t get paid for the story that Makes your Name, IIRC, but it will advance the counter. Don’t write it above 40 Quality, it won’t get you anything.
Short stories are a good way to make an Echo, but I recommend not writing them above 60 quality until your Persuasive is very high. Getting a story above 60 will require a hard skill check and items of some value. Note, too, that you can deliberately try to publish a story at a quality under its value, which will increase the potential for success. (A 60-quality story can have about 72% chance of being sold as Compelling, which turns almost an Echo an action, which is the most lucrative money-maker you’ll have until the last areas are open to you).

– Mal
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