A Name Scrawled in Blood - today?


At least I can’t see it anywhere else - not on the Forum; not on my message tab. I’m sure we got more notice for Watchful earlier this month.

Huh, I wasn’t expecting us to get the next tracker this soon. Neat!

Oh boy, oh boy !
Here goes even more opportunities to push our quirks past 10 points barrier.
edited by Andrew Astherson on 9/22/2015

Signed with Flourish, in Seven Secret Alphabets, Scrawled in Blood. Makes you wonder what would the Shadowy equivalent be named, huh?

Whispered in the Shadows?

A Name Writ… No! No names. They have eyes and ears everywhere.

It is here! With full options to replay from the start, should we want.

Logged in to find the new options available for selection. Time to go through them!

So tempted to start from the beginning :) Pleased to have the choice, thanks Failbetter.

Tier 5 seems to not exist; is this intentional?

Oops! Tier one (and probably two?) remove your Disgraced Rattus-Faber Bandit Chief. Which makes sense, but some people may want to know if they (like me) paid 10 FATE to acquire one.

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Just saw the full list of options, from top to bottom. I would have considered replaying the lot, except that I purposefully skipped the entire Black Ribbon plot for roleplaying reasons (my character intends to return to the Surface one day and would not want to be the cause of someone else never being able to return), and it doesn’t seem possible to skip duelling in the new format.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion from people about the benefits and disadvantages of the new critical story paths. I understand that Fallen London is not an open world or sandbox game, but I think there’s something to be said for having roleplaying choices on the critical story path, when it comes to matters that might be very important to players and/or characters. For instance, I don’t think it’s right to force characters into romance in order to open up later persuasive content. Charisma has many faces. That said, if we are roleplaying with others, I think we generally separate the things that “all” the characters do from those what we consider our own characters to have done, don’t we? Otherwise, roleplaying that we write ourselves would be a joke. “You’re a guest lecturer on the Correspondence? What a coincidence! So am I - and everyone else on this street!” Etc.

I was wondering if we’d get another tracker anytime soon, but didn’t expect it this fast. I get to play the Black Ribbon content again!

Well, i had all 7 tiers, so guess you just failed to qualify for that particular tier (ie have missed it).

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What exactly is the last option? I managed to vanish the Patch by accidentally refreshing. :( Is there any way to finish it?

I too would like to know what that Patch: Mark of Violence exactly is as well, if anyone knows.

Same here. I’m trying to choose whether the option for inner scars or no scars would be more fitting for a character who wasn’t a duellist. Going to wait until I see the results for this, since I’m trying to engineer something as personally appropriate as possible, within the limits of the system.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to tell us what these scars actually do? I’m loathe to continue if I’m going to take a charisma hit for choosing a facial scar or something, and this means I can’t spend my actions since the choices are mandatory.

Why couldn’t there have been some kind of grace period on these anyway?

[color=#ff9900]All the scars are a weapon which grants +4 Dangerous and no other effects.[/color]