A musical interlude.

[li]A good day to any denizens of the 'Neath lurking here-abouts. New as I am to the place, and enjoying it greatly, I decided to come share some music - that I suspect may find one or two to appreciate it.

Ah, he is lovely. I hadn’t heard Sir Reginald’s music in years, so thank you for the reminder. I quite appreciate the interlude!

Thanks, I didn’t know him. He’s fun!

I’m glad a couple of folks enjoyed :) I had thought in the circs that Steampunk music might get more enthusiasm … lets try steampunk/chap-hop fusion!

“No, no Jazz solo. This is supposed to be a diss song! Geoffrey, get off the drums!” Why am I laughing so hard holy crap

You have to admit … “I don’t like your tweed sir!” is as good as a diss can get!

Especially for a gardener. A double diss pun.

And finally, in the pantheon of Chap-hop, the man at whom the diss was aimed, the founder himself … Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer:

or in his alternate Mr B the Gentleman Selector - some Chap-step:

edited by Josef Gray on 6/12/2016