A Most Terrifying Game of Chicken

I’m going to try to keep a Noman alive until the feast starts up. &quotTry&quot being the optimal term there. I don’t know that I can actually make it (if I do, I’ll be cutting it close). Conventional wisdom says that I should wait until the last time the healer of the month, create my Noman, and then hurl as many pails of so-called snow at it as I can before the end of the month. The trick being that for me that last time the healer is on the 26th which is cutting disturbingly close to the mysterious, unspecified date when my over 20 pails of snow like substance will vanish.

Now, snow vanishes with time the healer so in the best case scenario I have a week. But I still need to draw quite a few Noman cards in that time (about 13 in total). And there’s also that terrifying scenario where the unspecified melt date kicks in before the 24th and all that snowish stuff goes to waste. I’m beginning to think it might be wisest to jump the gun and pull the trigger on the 19th to ensure I have time to draw those cards before the melt. It’s an extra time the healer but slightly cheaper and definitely safer. At the same time, I’ll be cutting it close already so I don’t think I can spare the extra week of Noman melting.

Gah! So many unknowns and such a huge investment loss if I gamble incorrectly. Anyone want to talk me off this ledge (or just give advice)?

Go for it. Try it out. Worst that can happen is that you don’t quite make the goal, but you become a heck of a lot more experienced for a second attempt next Sacksmas. That was going to be my strategy this year too, to just get the Noman without any serious concerted attempt to last the distance, all so that I would be more prepared to seriously tackle it properly next year. Then it turned out I didn’t actually have a skyglass knife handy, but I met the requirements for the Royal Beth suite upgrade (which I hadn’t expected), so I went down that path instead. Such is life in the Neath.

I’ve drawn the Noman card more than thirteen times in the past couple days already. The melting date also occurs after De Gustibus closes, and that’s always been the last two days of January I believe.

I’ve drawn the Noman card over forty times since the wicket opened last week. If you do your best to not let your deck stay full, draw in a special-cardless area and thin your deck a bit you should have no problem with that, as Optimatum says – and De Gustibus will provide a warning of impending bucket-melt. Don’t pull the trigger until after that point, at least!!

You mean everyone doesn’t have this?

Around at worst, you’ll need 28 buckets.

Thanks for the input everyone. I already have 27 pails staring at me so I’ll be attempting this one way or another. I’m glad to hear that there’s at least a little bit of warning that everything is about to melt away and that the Noman card comes up frequently enough to spend those pails in a week (I made a Noman last year but couldn’t remember how many cards I was able to draw how quickly).

[quote=Cecil ]You mean everyone doesn’t have this?

Around at worst, you’ll need 28 buckets.

I bow to you’re superior lacreing. I’d have matched the taste but ended up trading a chunk of it for some castigator venom.

It’s safe to assume you can draw at minimum 5 Noman cards per day on average. So… 2 days is approximately 20 buckets.
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Hmm, no, jokes that depend on insulting women aren’t funny even when – perhaps especially when – you recognize that they’re insulting. Do better next time.

Thank you; your intent was not apparent from the context, and thus it was a mildly unpleasant thing to read. Appreciate the understanding.