A Most Curious Poker Game?

Full house, Libraries over Rubberies! Now what do I win? :D

You win the Grand Prize! A All Expenses Paid Trip to The Iron Republic!

Better there than Polythreme. I still shudder to recall what it was like to eat only food that screamed for weeks on end. But the Republic, why, on one notable visit there, the sky opened up and began to rain these exceptionally angry small animals. Thousands upon thousands, there were, and vicious! Little blighters would gnaw right through your ankles if you let them—so we organised a great hunt and set to work eliminating the menace. It took the better part of two days, but I do have this lovely, er… demonic rain creature-pelt satchel still to show for it. Some of the other, more rash human visitors, desperately tired of the Infernal tendency to over-spice everything, even tried eating them, but I wouldn’t partake. I don’t eat the flesh of strange creatures. Any more.