A Merchant of Souls Help

Hello hello, I’ve started up the Trade in Souls fate story for a new alt, so I can see what all the fuss about being a spirifer is. Trouble is, I am stuck. I’ve got Merchant of Souls 3, but no tuning fork or special place to sell souls on Ladybones. Can someone who’s done this let me know if I’m just stuck waiting for an opportunity card, or if there’s something I’m missing?

As it happens I’ve just gone through the same ordeal. You are waiting for an opportunity card called Hell’s Merchant.

It claims to have Frequent frequency but sure doesn’t feel like it! I even thought maybe it’s only draw able Ladybones Road but actually ended up managing to draw it both there and in my Lodgings
edited by genesis on 10/6/2015

Many thanks, genesis! I’ll just keep on drawing and cursing the RNG as usual. :P