A matter of two quirks

Dear friends, what would be the best ways to increase Daring and Forceful from 10 to 12? I won’t mind if I decrease other quirks along the way… but I need those two because I want to play the storylets from the Criminals and Revolutionaries connection items.

Here’s a guide from our resident Quirky Girl - there’s also a long thread on upper level quirk investigations but I can’t find it on searching briefly.


I’ve had a look at some of the quirk-related threads (those I could find - blast the search function only giving you five results) but I couldn’t find anything related directly to my problem… there has to be some way to get from 10 to 12?!

I think one of the renown-increasing options might work for Daring. Those are definitely one possibility to check out.

I believe the only forceful is a holiday event, and the best daring option was recently patched.

Suinicide is right. No options to raise those, after a recent change made in Daring raising option. I would wait for further changes in Renown system. That seems like a promising route.

Hmm… what about the Fate-locked Quirk-raising options in the Iron Republic? Have they been capped? If not, I might do that two or three times if I feel impatient…
edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 5/19/2016

As the game notes they’re capped at 10.

Thanks, I haven’t actually been there for a long time. Nothing to be done then but wait!
edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 5/19/2016