A Matter of Size

Do we know how large Rattus Fabers are? Are they comparable in size to Rattus rattus? Somewhat larger or smaller?[li]

…When I saw your name next to that thread title, my mind went to a completely different place.

As to the actual question, I’m not sure, but I’ve always imagined them a little bigger than their non-sapient kin.

<indignation> I am shocked! Shocked! </indignation>

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If by size of rats, do you mean average size or well fed by plentiful garbage in streets New York size? Because I tend to think Rattus Faber are average size than New York size.

I always thought it was their intellect, rather than any of their physical attributes, that distinguished them from more ordinary rats.

I always pictured roughly rat sized. Big ones maybe, but rat sized.

Well, they do walk upright, so…

They stand on their hind legs for portraits. It’s only civilized. I also gloss over the question of how they have such celebrated manual dexterity without thumbs. And how cats talk. Suspension of disbelief!

You mean my working rat doesn’t stand while, um, working? Nah…not possible.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s wondered this.

It’s implied several times that the LB’s are bigger than a normal rat, but how much bigger is vague. I think their size must be enormously variable, maybe even bigger than the impressive range within adult Homo sapiens, for the following reasons:

LB’s often pack pistols, and being hit by such a bullet hurts, though it won’t kill you. The smallest working handgun made by us clumsy oafs is about 2 inches long, and regardless of intricacy, there’s not much point in a calibre below 2-3mm.

The Basalt Gymnasium storylet explicitly tells me I’m ten times their size, which isn’t all that helpful. If this means in length, then that’s quite a significant rat. If it’s in weight…then I don’t think a golf club is going to carry the day.

Most informative all is the LB mercenary who arranges the delivery of Boxes of Live Rodents, Sven the Greek: “a titanic rat-soldier whose head almost reaches your waist.” Assuming Sven is the largest of ratkind, he’s the equivalent of a Strongman who weighs about 17st and stands the best part of 7ft tall.

Overall, I’m visualising the average LB as around human knee-height when they’re on their hind legs, which is common as they’re usually either armed to the teeth, picking locks, or making marvels.

Anyway, finding rats in your lunch must go something like this: