A lost minnow

I’m not sure how to proceed on the new &quotDabble in the Great Game&quot option. I’d played through one round of Venture: uncover hidden tattoos. I’m not sure how to get myself in on another round. How does the card work? Need I purchase a direful reflection to proceed? What, exactly, does one do with direful reflections?[li]

Save them for a Parabola Base Camp.

Yep: http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Establish_a_Parabolan_Base-Camp

Even if you’re not a Glassman you can think of starting hoarding the Direful Reflections; with the current, revised Notability rules it isn’t so hard to change Professions back and forth, and, even if no info on the Parabola Base-Camp is available yet, given the HUGE amount of materials required to access it would seem likely to be awesome ^^

One thought I had for the great expense and the relative exclusiveness for the base camp was the possibility that it will be a social thing. The wealthy few who own a base camp would get benefits, and one of them would be the ability to let other people who don’t have a base camp into parabola.

The other option, that it is a professional perk, would be interesting, but would imply that people should stick at this tier until they’ve gotten it, if they want to experience all the content.

Thank you both, I’ll keep that in mind ^_^ But right now I’m really looking to increase my base Persuasive to 200 so I can get the POSI upgrade ^^" I’ve confessed a few times but haven’t been able to start another Venture; any advice on that?

[color=#C2B280]It’s only possible to complete that venture once: that’s why we were able to make the Persuasive boost it gives so substantial.[/color]

Ah, I see. That makes a lot of sense xD Thank you.