A little early?

Flint Part II is now open, so I rushed straight out to Zee after speaking further to my contact at the House of Chimes… only to find, alas, that across the Southern Archipelago Apis Meet is nowhere to be found. Yet.

Patience, grasshopper…
edited by colinsapherson on 11/26/2015

Did the same. Well, at least I lost nothing too valuable making an extra turn around the Underzee.

I’m having issues locating the proper storylet. I got sent to breakfast with the Bishop at the docks, and then nothing else…

I shall go downstairs and pet a friendly stray cat to make myself feel better!

Yeah, I don’t see a breakfast storylet either.
It will probably appear together with the official announcement.

The breakfast storylet has appeared!

I’ll add that further options to question the Bishop have opened, which seem to give Presbyterate Passphrases. No mention of a way to progress further, alas.

Oh, so that trip to the Zee was a utter waste. Welp. Goodbye actions! I knew you well.

[color=#ff9900]Apologies - the option to have breakfast with the Bishop in Wolfstack is now available, and you’ll have to do that before you can reach Apis Meet.[/color]

Well, there is a fast-travel storylet, so that’s very nice. :D

Wait, there was a fast travel option? Where was that?

After the breakfast, when clicking the Put to Zee! storylet, you have, along with the Plan a route and Depart options, that fast travel option.

It works only once, apparently, so beware.

I have a question for you guys:

Shall all be well, or not so much?

[color=#ff9900]The formal announcement of Flint II is now up - can I redirect the conversation over there? Hard a-port! [/color]
[color=#ff9900]Thanks, all![/color]