A List of Periodicals

As we all know, London is ripe with newspapers, journals, gazettes, periodicals and advertisers. But nary a Neather can tell you the nameof half of them! My library would be a mockery if I was not current on them all. I therefore implore you, my fellow literates, to inform me of any newsprint with which you are acquainted.

I shall keep a ledger, which I will happily share with other seekers of truths, lies and those things that are both or neither.

With Appreciation
Professor Rainette d’Bosquette, Doctor _______ and Litterature, Bachelor of Psychonometry
Editor in Chief The Neathy Protean Gazette and Correspondence
Captain of the Nautiluz

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Neathy Protean Gazette and Correspondence, The
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Something similar has been in progress for a while over at http://community.failbettergames.com/topic21211-names-of-newspapers.aspx - perhaps a collaboration is in order?

Thanks, I tried looking for something like this, but obviously couldn’t find it (which is peculiar since I did a title search with ‘newspaper’ as the search term). I’ll just go and add my paper to that list
edited by Rainette on 9/3/2016