A good way to level Shadowy? And maybe Dangerous?

Hello. So While I’ve been a POSI a while now, my Shadowy is rather low, which is a issue when it comes to obtaining money from the Boxful Of Intrigues grind. I often find myself on the wrong end of the law, unable to sleep, while some truly VICIOUS rumors circulate about the one time I played a Opera in the Shuttered Palace. XD I was wondering a good way of leveling it up to a point where this is less of a issue.

Also, since I’m, curious, I’d like to know how high your Empire’s Kingmaker quality is. Mine is at 99 since it does not appear I can actually do anything with it.

Selling Casing to Criminals in the Flit is pretty good for raising Shadowy. You won’t get anything, but it’ll definitely boost it quickly.

My main’s Empire’s Kingmaker is 2055, though an alt of mine has it up to 5308.

If you’ve acquired a Gang of Hoodlums, you’ll be able to speed the process up once you’re able to reliably beat their challenge. Also you gain connection: criminals which you can trade every so often.