A good source for Mourning Candles?

I could trade with that Radical up on the rooftops, but the Neath’s quite dark enough already.

Boxfuls of Intrigue from near the end of the Affair of the Box storyline. You’ll have to go through the Intrigue carousel a few times to get a high enough Empire’s Kingmaker quality, but once you’re there, you can get 8 Mourning Candles from a hypothetically perfect 14 action run, which is pretty good.

It starts with the Stuttering Fence, if you don’t know which one I’m talking about

Thanks! Just made my grand debut at Mahogany Hall, so it’ll be some time, but this is far easier than going and horrifying everyone at court again.

Being a glassman also pays several a week.

And there’s a card in the tomb colonies that pays one.
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You can get 4 from the Capering Relicker, in return for nothing but a pittance of ‘Someone is coming…’ - assuming you’ve unlocked the fate-only ‘Trader in Souls’ storyline. Which, I might add, is well worth it - it’s an interesting story, and it unlocks many opportunities throughout the game… regardless of which path you choose to take through it.