'a good question, but not a serious one.'

What if Alexis is so far ahead in the Fallen London game content that he had to sacrifice his role within Failbetter Games to get that one step closer with Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name? :-p

LOL, I love you Kittenpox.

Note, seeking the name is not real, nor is the name, stop thinking about it and stop looking for clues because it doesn’t exist.

@Kittenpox: an interesting 666th post.

– Mal

Amazing idea!

This is the 7th post. Turn back now, before it’s too late. All you will find beyond this is pain and misery.

You’ve just lost the Game. Yeah, that’s your soul-breaking depressing punishment.


[quote=malthaussen]@Kittenpox: an interesting 666th post.

– Mal[/quote]

In other news, when I’ve looked my profile (to find previous posts) my current forum Reputation is 666. This is entirely coincidental.