A Gathering of the Black Ribbon - how to access?

I’m trying to get to the &quotA Gathering of the Black Ribbon&quot storylet for Docks Renown purposes. I THINK I have what I need–my A Fearsome Duelist is at 5–but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’ve looked through every option under both &quotDueling the Black Ribbon&quot and &quotChallenge a Black Ribbon Duelist,&quot as well as &quotDuel with Chi Lan&quot and &quotDuel with Feducci.&quot Can anyone point me in the right direction? Much appreciated!

(In other notes, if you have other recommendations for increasing my renown with said Docks folk, I’d be all ears.)

Is this for Vesta Tilley or for an alt? &quotA Gathering of the Black Ribbon&quot is part of the Making Your Name: Dangerous storyline. The Vesta Tilley character already has access to the Court of the Wakeful Eye, which requires access to the Fifth Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers, meaning that you’ve already finished making your name.

For increasing Renown, the best way is to gather Favours through Opportunity Cards and trade it in with the Faction item. For Docks specifically, you can also confide in the Chandleress for Airs of London 96 and above, as well as run the Mutton Island carousel.

Hi Azothi, and thanks!

It’s for Vesta Tilley, my only account thus far. So it sounds like I wouldn’t be able to access this content again for Renown purposes?

Good tip on the Chandleress, thank you!

Hi Vesta! Another thing you can do to increase your renown is switch your connected: pet to a Talkative Mynah (the Docks pet); that adds the Mynah card, which lets you pick up a Dock favour every time it shows up.