A few questions

  1. If I choose to attend Mr. Wines’ revel as a guest, would that remove that card from my deck?
  2. A few months ago I purchased the fate locked portion of the wry functionary’s story. I got to a point where it asked me to wait for some opportunity cards. It’s been several months since then and I haven’t seen any sign of them, do they only show up in one area? My assisting an audit is at 9 if that helps.
    Thank you for any help.
  1. No. Regardless of how you choose to attend Mr Wines’ revels, it will always progress through opportunity cards and end at level 10, where the card to be re-invited will turn up. There is no way to permanently remove the storyline from your deck.

  2. If Assisting in an Audit is at 9, you’re done with that particular bit. If you draw A Visit again, you can do the conversational part again and may possibly find other topics to talk about with him.

There is a way to remove Mr Wines’ Revels - outstat the first card. But if you have ever attended one of his parties you are out of luck - once you get to level 10 you are stuck with the card turning up.

Okay, thank you!

It is funny that in most games you can play the beginning without fear and then turn to a wiki or others to optimize your late game. In this game you either need to follow a wiki at the start or start over. Would be nice if there were ways to fix mistakes you make.

You don’t need to start over, and the only mistakes you can make in this game are in-character mistake. AFAIK, there are no mistakes that permanently lock you out of anything major that don’t come with a similarly major warning. I could be forgetting something, though.

No, but there are mistakes that lock you into things. :octopus:

I don’t really qualify that as a mistake that you should look to avoid getting into, but I suppose that’s up to individual interpretation.

I’d strongly agree with 38thDoE.
Some cards (Intimate of Devils, Eyeless Skulls, Manager of the Royal Beth) are very strongly and intentionally “harassing you, and difficult to remove.” and those are fantastic, and feel rewarding to remove, and punishing to receive.
Then there are more ambiguous cases like taking care of your plant, city vices, and a few other examples of cards that are harmful, and can be removed by great effort, but don’t really seem to match their narrative purpose.
Then there are cards that are harmful and there is no way to remove them, which are actually the worst of the lot, yet are treated like ‘rewards’ or just added at random.
I think there is a lot of fun design space in adding, removing, or especially in improving existing cards, and it’s one of my favorite systems when done right. It’s just very frustrating when the only way to “win” is to have never started the story at all, especially when it’s a “problem” that your character should be able to easily overcome within the narrative.

I’m not sure your definition of harmful matches mine. For me a card is only harmful if it causes actual menace or damage. Intimate devils, Mr Wines’ revels, and the city vices cards are just things I don’t play, but they aren’t actually hurting anything by being there.

Well, the value of a larger lodging is holding more cards, and thus, trimming more cards from your deck by holding them in your hand. So the difference between having a card like a low level lodging or Mr Wines revel and not having it is potentially the same as the difference between a 4 card lodging and a 5 card lodging. Of course, this assumes your top X worst cards are standard frequency. That’s how a remote address is often better than 4 or even 5 card lodging.
Of course, all that is assuming you want to play your cards, and/or are hunting for less frequent cards. If you just enjoy seeing a variety of cards in your deck, it shouldn’t matter to you much either way (except the high frequency cards that can drown out variety, like intimate of devils or the manager)

Ah, I get where you’re coming from. My playstyle is purely oriented around storylets, and cards are just an extra thing. Back when I first started playing I was completely overwhelmed by all the cards and felt like playing them took away from the stuff I actually wanted to do, so I pretty much avoided playing them as much as possible so I wouldn’t use up all my actions on stuff that didn’t progress any stories. The mentality is completely outdated now that we have 20/40 actions to 6/10 cards, but I still get slightly annoyed when nice cards turn up while I’m low on actions and trying to get into the Cave of the Nadir before Time hits or preparing for a Heist.