A few questions regarding the things to be a POSI

I wonder how many (non-fate locked- spouses are there. And what is the best way to collect the materials needed to get a submarine, Also, what methods of transport are available (again, not locked by fate)? [li]

Thanks for your time.

There are 2 current spouses, and 2 others that will become spouses. There are also 2 transports (+2 Bizarre and +2 Respectability).

Now as for the Zubmarine…I think the best way to get Strong-Backed Labour is to become a Ratcatcher for a while. You’ll get one a week. You can also raise your Docks/Orient connections both to 30 to side with the Docks for 4 Strong-Backed Labour. The Whirring Contraptions can be found in Wilmot’s End.

Hmm, how can I get ratcatcher? And could you PM me the list of spouses and soon-to-be spouses?

You get the option on the By the River’s side: The Docks Opportunity card. It requires 30+ Connected: The Docks and takes away about 300 CP of it, and provides you with a Ratting Piece (+6 Watchful, +6 Dangerous weapon).
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I think it requires 25 Connected: The Docks. I’ve been aiming for that profession - outgrown Tough - but it’s hard to get CP for the Docks.

You can always buy a pewter tankard or two. Personally, I was near broke when I decided to take up rat catching as a profession, and earned my CP by boasting of my wounds in between black ribbon duels.

Raising your urchins connections is relatively easy. Then you can use the urchins(docks conflict card to steadily raise your docks connections…