A few Newbie Questions

Oddly enough I don’t think the wines-aunt refresh can take you all the way to 20 (or 40) actions. It always seems to jump to 19 for me if the current total is 11 or more.

What is the wines-aunt thing?

It also costs one action, whether you get the refresh or not. I’d always assumed that you used the action before you got the refresh, but never checked. I’ll be careful from now on.

The Fate-locked &quotInconvenienced by your Aunt&quot storyline has an ending where your aunt goes to work for Mr Wines. It adds a card to your deck where your Aunt asks you to try an experimental new drink. 70% of the time it gives you 1 CP of Wounds; 30% of the time it refreshes 10 actions (but always costs one action regardless of which outcome you get).

10 * 30% - 1 = 2

On average, each time you draw the card you gain 0.7 CP of wounds and +2 actions.

It’s considered a very powerful card. Unlike some cards that lose value later in the game when you have better options available, 2 free actions will only get more valuable as your other options get better.

Hmm. OK, I have been trying to decide where to spend fate. Just bought Flute St, and there’s a festival coming up. Maybe worth it one day. Is the good ending easy to find? I would hate to spend fate and not get it.

[quote=Bluestocking]Is the good ending easy to find? I would hate to spend fate and not get it.[/quote] Assuming this is about the Aunt, there’s only one decision point where you’ll be very clearly asked to decide The Fate Of Your Aunt with three options: The Church, the Masters, the Gazette. The Masters is the popular choice, but if you want a peak at what the others might do for you I think these results are still accurate.

Yes, I did mean the aunt. Thank you. A card with extra actions would be most welcome. The others, meh.

It IS possible to lose the aunt to the devils midway through, though, by failing a check. Takes fate to rescue her. That’s technically another possible ending, not a good one.

Sigh. I picked the Gazette because I thought it matched the Aunt’s personality the best. Silly me. Thanks for the link.