A few clarifications on past stories

I’m still new at the game, and still trying to piece things together… not only about the game world, but about the game mechanics and development as well. So this is a question that has to do with the latter.

I’ve been reading the forums a bit, and i keep finding references to past storylines and events like they were actually, you know, a thing of the past. Something that happened once and will not happen again. Is that true? Are there events, and stories that i missed just because i started playing the game in 2016 as opposed to 2014, for instance? Isn’t the game retroactive, in the sense that if you started playing at a later date, you get to experience ALL the content that has been added to the game over the years?
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Generally, yes, the game’s content is eternal (so to speak.) There have been a few stories that have been retired - mostly earlier versions of seasonal events, like Christmas. There are also the monthly subscription stories - those can still be purchased with Fate and played, but subscribers get them cheaper and a few months early.

People mostly refer to them in the past tense because Fallen London can be played for a very long time. I would probably refer to the Cheery Man/Last Constable storyline in the past tense simply because it was such a long time ago.

Technically, you don’t miss out on anything, really, excluding retired content from really early Fallen London.

As Pirate said, some have been playing for 5+ years, so a lot of storylines were a long time ago for them. However, this doesn’t mean that content is inaccessible now.

Many of the stories within the game also tend to be experienced at their appropriate levels. So, hypothetically (because I can’t think of any direct examples offhand), a storyline which requires Dangerous 30 would likely have been experienced some time ago by someone who has Dangerous 130.

Following on from what The Angry Pirate said,
My first post on the forums was just over 2 years ago, when I was trying to work out the details of my character buying a boat. I’m probably never going to need to repeat that process (though I could go through it again, if I wanted to change which kind of vessel I sailed in), so for me I’d speak about that in the past-tense.

Or, to answer your question directly, technically there are bits that have been taken out - though they’re few and far between. The game is much larger than it used to be. Explore at your own pace, and have fun! :-)
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