A farewell in the air

I started playing Fallen London about a year and a half ago. It was immediately unique and cool and I’ve always enjoyed my time spent here (well except grinding for the stupid yacht). I’ve played through pretty much every major story available for free. I sent Amanda Albright through the Avid Horizon. I completed some big grinds. It was all a lot of fun. Finishing SMEN was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done in a game. The writing has made me think, laugh, and hurt. The community has always been super welcoming, helpful, and entertaining.
So I’d like to thank Failbetter for this wonderful experience that I didn’t even have to pay for. And thank you, everyone here on the forums, for making me laugh and helping me–and everyone else–with the game.
But all things must come to an end. I haven’t had a whole lot to do recently in the game, and I’ve found myself logging on less and less. The recent additions were great to play through, but I finished them within a few days. There just isn’t much for me to do besides long grinds, and I don’t have the dedication to do that anymore. I knew this day would come someday.
So, farewell. It’s been lovely. I’ll be back in a while to see if more is added (ambitions maybe!). Until then, my main will be on the slow boat. The tigers asked him what death was, and he told them he didn’t know. He decided to ponder it from as close as he could get, though, and perhaps see if his old friend the Last Constable is there somewhere, against all odds.
edited by Pumpkinhead on 11/2/2017