A dress made of glim IRL!

Well not quite, but as close as we’re likely to see. And from the right era, too! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1366616/Victorian-beetle-wing-dress-worn-Ellen-Terry-display-50k-repair-job.html
Can’t seem to get the clicky link to work…
edited by KatarinaNavane on 11/14/2013
edited by KatarinaNavane on 11/14/2013

Oh, wow… I’d seen the Sargent painting of Ms Terry wearing this dress… and the Disney character based on the painting, incidentally… but to see the real thing - that’s rather marvellous. So, who’d like to see a Glimscale Gown in game, for the low price of a handful of Marks of Credit?

Aaaaah what I would give to wear a dress like that…
Its beautiful in ways I can’t even describe

speaking of finding FL items in RL I inadvertently bought a set of moon pearls! I’ll try and get a picture up later if I can

Oh my goodness, that’s gorgeous.

Historical note: Beetle wing-case dresses were a thing from the 1780s to the 1930s, though they certainly weren’t usually as glimmerful as that one.

another example: http://collections.museumoflondon.org.uk/Online/object.aspx?objectID=object-81463&start=104&rows=1

That would fetch chestfuls of Map Scraps. Seriously though, it might be a good idea to make more clothing using insect skin/shells IRL. They’re relatively easier to raise than leather producing animals.

I’m impressed that they were able to recover some of those wings!