A Disgraceful Spectacle Frequency?

Hi everyone! Just curious if I got strangely lucky or something was going on today. I’ve been playing FL for around two years, and only gotten the ‘Disgraceful Spectacle’ card once. Today, I got it twice in just a few hours! Am I strangely lucky, or has the frequency for the card been upped? It’s a favorite of mine, I think it’s lovely in both art and concept, so no complaints, just curiosity. Two fresh blue and shining stones for me. :)
edited by baudelairean on 5/20/2016

If you have two of the blue stones, somethings new, the card is supposed to be locked when you have one.

I doubt the sudden change. Most likely, it was fortune smiling upon you with rarefied gifts.

I had the exact same thing happen today as well (I’ve been stealing and selling stones on the road to cider). It’s a rare card but I usually see it a couple times a month. Your 2 years of not seeing it probably means you kept an item from it for some of that time. The card doesn’t appear if you have one of its items.