A Delicious Holiday Destination

Following on from the Cheesemaker props thread … I recently bought a boat (coughfilthytrampsteamercough) and set off boldly into the Unterzee, first stop Mutton Island. I love it. Its one of the nicest places I’ve encountered in the game, I love the text, love the art work and love the nods to certain popular fictions (and not just the obvious one). I’m slightly embarassed that I’m gushing like a schoolgirl, but what the heck. I’m quite looking forward to continuing my Unterzee adventures, at least until the heat has died down in Fallen London …

Mutton Island is a fascinating place - personally, though, I’m a fan of Hunter’s Keep. Charming island - well worth a visit.

Hunters keep is the most charming isle on the Unterzee, and the sisters delicious company…and yet, I absolutely detest Mutton Island. The locals are savages. In any civalized society, we would raze the place. No wonder Miriam left.

I have to concur. Hunter’s Keep is my favourite spot for relaxation; I go there whenever the hustle and bustle of the Fifth City gets too much for my conscience. The company of three Graces elates my soul and elevates the spirit.