A Dark Room

I am fairly certain that I found this browser-based game (now also available as an iOS app! and will play in, e.g., mobile Chrome as of latest version, despite the splash screen when you visit the URL) through an FBG interview or some such.

It is very different from FL but you all will like it; it uses minimalism to great effect in its design and writing and it has a lot to discover and explore. Oh, and it has a definite end. Check it out.

(It’s useful, though not necessary, to play it in a browser tab that you can leave open. --Edit, oh, hey, now it lets you export saves to transfer between computers, cool.)
edited by an_ocelot on 11/20/2013

[color=#009900]Once again, I endorse this ocelot.[/color][li]

( https://twitter.com/continuities/status/347471832405905409 )

Oh lord, this kept me up till 5am on a work night a couple of months ago. Highly recommended.

Ok, sold, I am going to try it. Here is a recommendation in return: http://die.clay.io/ It is free, takes about an hour to play through and is a great, creative non-linear narrative.
edited by Asami Sato on 11/22/2013

By the way, I’m told that the iOS app has content different from the original web game, and though I haven’t played it because I don’t have the appropriate device, it doesn’t sound like something I personally would recommend.

In what way does it differ than makes you disrecommend it?

It apparently tips from potentially creepy to explicitly so, in a way that I would find limiting as a player.

Apparently the builder is, err, built up more as a character, which would be fine, except she calls the villagers slaves and the in-game text then reflects this, among other things.

Oh, that’s VERY interesting. I’ll keep playing it LATER, but I like the design. Very much like FL in how you combine smaller commodities into larger ones, unlocking more of the story as you go.