A dangerous question, best avoided

Are there any plans to restore the ever-visceral storyline that is Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name? i believe it would be nice to finish off loose ends–or is that whole storyline going to be chucked?

Yes, I know EXACTLY what I’m getting into.

EDIT: its more than I’m annoyed at the snippets sidebar, in which Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name carries some abject horror to it besides unrelenting hunger-- or is it the hunger itself that is the horror? And what will happen once the name is found?
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So, what, SMEN is a journey to become a Second Charybdis? Usually, there’s a reward, or sense of completion, when completing a storyline, but here, there’s just a big sense of loss

That was the intent behind SMEN, when it first rolled out. So I don’t believe that will change significantly when updates resume. At the moment, FBG are busy with the Sunless DLC, and once they get back to FL, it’s more likely that they’ll update other stories before SMEN. But it won’t be postponed indefinitely, etc.

Even Pandora’s box held a gift inside, and while it was small, its worth outweighed the cost of opening the box to begin with. I don’t get that feeling with Mr Eaten. Also, the “Unaccountably Peckish” quality can still be received; I’ve just got it from the Starveling Cat via the Flit (Wars of Illusion). That suggests that its possible to pick the story back up, if one knows how to toy with it.

[color=#0066ff]The Seeking content is currently retired. Unaccountably Peckish is related, but not tied only to Seeking.[/color]

@Daniel: I believe Alexis Kennedy’s post on the Failbetter Blog explains all the whys and whats concerning Mr Eaten. I never played it myself since I only joined a year ago, and wanted to know what it was about. It must’ve been a very interesting experiment far from any usual gameplay experience; and while I would never hurt my main this way, I can imagine starting an alt for SMEN if it’s ever resumed.

Interesting. Does that mean there’s a point to deliberately increasing Unaccountably Peckish, besides SMEN?

Probably not, except that I found this option very helpful for Nightmares grinding during Hallowmas. ;)
I can’t think of any other use for UP currently.

Ooh. I can use that to get the Tomb Lion!

No matter how curious you are, don’t do it, it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it, it’s NOT WORTH IT, if you want story go somewhere else, unless you don’t value your sanity or happiness at all…(never heard of such a person through).

Oooooooh. I like that view. However, the reason why we chase after hope is for the sake of some sort of reward, treasure, glorification, honor, or even POINT at the end of the blood-covered trail.

An Example: Why do mountain climbers climb? There isn’t anything to gain from climbing a mountain. There is no Monastery, Temple, or Treasure at the peak of Mount Everest, but you can probably find people making the climb today even still. The only thing you’ll find at the top is exhaustion and cold, so why?

One thing of curiosity is that there’s an option among some recently update content which calls for Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name 7 (in fact, since I don’t have it but I don’t like the other options available I haven’t progressed further). I suspect there was discussion about it but does that mean it will eventually be available again?

It’s the last card currently for Heart’s Desire which was released this summer.

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Yep, it’ll be available again someday. They just want to incorporate it into the mainstream supported content first (before it was a highly experimental story done on Alexis’ own time that warned you that Support won’t help with issues relating to that content).