A Dangerous Monopoly arises...

(I had a interesting idea for a RP that I wanted to share. Take it where you will.)

The Temperance Campaigner sits at her desk, talking to a man who few know. Not because he is particularly criminal, or powerful or deadly, but rather in most aspects of life he keeps himself to himself, not often taking part in (RP) these affairs. But an opportunity like this one is not one to be left unchecked.

&quotSo, I must admit my dear, I did a little bit of digging into your campaign. I am horrified at the prospect of you deciding to get rid of all that Prisoner’s Honey!&quot

&quotAs far as I’m concerned the stuff is vile. It needs to be got rid of. Never even mind the rumours I’ve heard of worse versions. I will get to that too.&quot

&quotNo doubt, no doubt. But, to be perfect honest, while I do indulge myself a tad, the riddance of honey is not so much important to me as is your… method of disposing of it.&quot

&quotWhat of it?&quot

&quotWell, you see… How can I put this without sounding like one of those nutcases who go about eating everything… Wells are… dangerous, and I’m not so certain disposing of a substance that uses dreams into one is a good idea. Futhermore, I have no doubt that the bohemian crowd will turn on you the moment they hear of your plan.&quot

&quotAnd you have an alternative?&quot

&quotI do. I’m given to understand you have attained 45% of all honey in London, and plan to get more to dispose of it. I can help you get the rest.&quot

&quotWhat is in it for you?&quot

&quotDon’t you mean what is in it for US? You see, people will just find ways of exporting more honey from other places, and some of it will be less safe. The honey must flow, as it were. BUT… it can regulated. Controlled more strictly and more thoroughly then it is now. And for higher prices.&quot

&quotYou suggest controlling the honey rather then being rid of it?&quot

&quotWell to be more precise, I will control it. I assure you, if between us I can gain a monopoly on Prisoner’s Honey, I can make a major profit, and you can keep it so tightly under control that it will be a far less issue then it is currently. Futhermore, I can use this to… Influence your little campaign. You can be mayor in less then 2 weeks.

&quot…Can you be trusted?&quot

&quotBut of course.&quot

&quot…Very well. I must admit I was not sure tossing the stuff into a well was a good idea anyway. But I want assurance that you will keep the stuff under a VERY tight lid. And more importantly that the really dangerous versions are not to be sold. AT ALL.&quot

&quotI would not risk it! Wines would have my head. Or is it Spices? I’m never quite sure. Anyway, you can expect my lawyer to show up to do the legal matters soon.&quot
edited by Kylestien on 6/27/2017

Legalize it.

&quotWhy legalize it when I can make more profit from it’s illicit use? Plus even if I were so inclined, it would not do to try such a matter untill the Campaigner’s lot of it is in my hands and not inside a well.&quot

(Seriously though, I liked the idea of someone trying to use the Campaigner’s attempt to be rid of it and make a monopoly out if it instead. I’#d be curious to see how this affects the RP’s of London.)