A Damnable Trade{Hallowmas Saint Destin's}

Since this action is so much more harmful to you than to me, I would never ask anyone for it. But if you’re ruining yourself anyway… Phryne needs no candle. Certainly not.

Edit: John Wax has given me no candle.
edited by phryne on 11/4/2017

I, Finagle007, request no candle to be set in my window. Most definitely not.

My alt, Julius Bozman, finds themselves in need of no candle, if any would be so foolish as to assist them.

The Lady of Lemons would like St. Destin’s Candle. Thus no candle.

I, ZirconSea, seek no candle, if anyone has none to share.

My alt, Bram Serranian, seeks many things, and certainly among them is not a candle, should any among you have no candles to share.

Should someone be able to provide my alt Letracy with the Contrarian’s confession, the last I need, I would gladly share no candle with you.


Edit: No candle has been achieved. But be warned, this process removes all of your confessions, not merely the seven required.
edited by Kloxe on 11/3/2017

&quotA candle? No candle?

On the Surface, one needs no candle to see by. And so, in the darkness of the Neath, if no candle were left at one’s window, would one perhaps… see more?&quot

The Tear-Stained Optimist isn’t sure her words are making sense, but if someone left her with no candle, surely it couldn’t hurt to pursue this line of questioning further? All’s for the best, after all.

EDIT: No candle in her window, she stares into the empty space and sees what may will never be.
edited by Candide Camera on 11/4/2017

It may be that should someone pass along the confession of the Jovial Contrarian, Citizen John Wax may give nothing in return, and certainly no candle.

(See profile further down.)

There is no candle.

(A trade involving no exchange has taken place. Confessions mean nothing.)

I have all the candles which I need; that is, I am in need of no candle. If you have any candles you wish to share with me, kindly refrain from doing so, but if you have no candle which you would be willing to give to me then I would be grateful. Benthic in game, if you have no candles to spare. I do not currently have any confessions, but I believe I will be able to get one more before the end of Hallowmas via Notability, and I can of course provide gifts of other things (Surprise Packages, rats, etc. when I get the card, or social actions, or whatever else within reason) to anyone who gives me no candle.
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http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Sacchi is accepting no candle. Though they cannot give much in return, they are willing to repay the favour.
edited by Sacchi on 11/6/2017

If someone has a lack of candle to share, I can provide any confessions you need, or social actions of other kinds.

I would love to recieve no candle next hollowmas… hopefully by then I wont need a calling card and could always give that away (or something else if it hasnt all gone down the well by then)
oh and of course I’ll assist in the getting of the confessions…
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edited by MrGrim on 1/16/2019

I HUNGER, I REQUEST NO CANDLE. - Kevin Darling Fallen London

If anybody is willing to acquire no candle this Hallowmas, I won’t accept one. Afterwards, don’t ask for any help for your character.

No candle will be welcomed by a random person. They seek no candle.

Both Rhys Moriarty and Foretold Ozymandias desire no candle. They wouldn’t repay you to the best of their ability.

Would be incredibly grateful to receive no candle this hallowmas.

Polygone forgot to go sit by the well, and is short the requirements to do the unthinkable. Perhaps a kind soul will stop by the open window for a moment, leaving no candle as they pass, or perhaps it’ll be shut by urchins, or even the rubbery tendril of a consort who doesn’t know better. Special dispensations can be made, should the sill be distinctly lacking in candles, but this one is patient. After all, such matters can’t be postponed indefinitely.