A curiosity about souls

As most of you probably know,You can buy a soul for four pence in the bazaar. I noticed in the inconvenienced by your aunt storyline that she is offered a good amount by the Devils, definitely more than four pence. Why is is that souls are so much pricier when bought from their original owner? I was thinking maybe because it its the only way to get new souls into the trading system. Any ideas?

Also, you can sell a soul for the same price that you can buy a rat on a string. Is there some kind of soul surplus that’s lowering the prices? With spirifers abound, I would not be surprised.

Some souls are worth more than others.

To paraphrase: “90% of everything is crap.”

Maybe you’re paying for the bottle?

Maybe some are less used than others?

you can observe that in a certain card that is unlocked doing a fate locked story and that allow you to sell your soul the PoSI option is much more profitable than the normal one, so there are souls more and less important and so more and less expensive
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Also to Devils it’s the hunt for a particular soul that appeals to them, as opposed to the Soul itself. Your Aunt’s soul is much harder to acquire than a soul in the Bazaar thus inflating its value.

This is alluded to in The Heart’s Desire Ambition and a storylet in Sunless Sea.

Cost inflates with rarity (those who are considered Brilliant or above are more costly simply due to the fact there are less of them), and notable citizens of the Neath are obvious collector pieces. With the right credentials, the player can sell their own for some…very fantastic prizes indeed.

So in other words being soulless is being a sociopath?


Or a member of Parliament?