A couple Noob questions.

[quote=Medicine Man][quote=Niddhog]Don’t forget you can sell supplies at Abbey Rock for 11 each, or trade 15 supplies/2 casks of wine at Shepard’s Isle for a chance at a 250 echo revelatory chart (sometimes its only strategic info @ 150 echoes).

I’m not sure the terror gained from going too/from godfall is really worth the effort. You gain 2-3 terror coming and going, and you only gain about 40 echoes from the trade… less when you consider you can sel lthe same wine in Venderblight without the terror gain.[/quote]

I will have to try asking about the rest of the Zea at Shepard’s Isle.

Regarding Godfall – the real trick to making the Godfall route work is to trade in volume. If you hand over 15 wine in a single trip the terror/profit ratio is much better. Ditto for the fuel and supplies consumed. The costs of the voyage are static; the size of your cargo is not. Snagging the Godfall and Abbey Rock port reports also helps – I think they’re 20 echos total.[/quote]

All that does is give you strategic info. Not worth it at all.

Is the Lore worth it though? I’m curious as to what the text says.

I believe the trip to godfall is doable with 5 fuel and 5 supplies. This includes visiting Mutton Island twice. You could carry 30 wine in the starting ship. This would equate to 6 x 45 echoes for a total of 270 echoes, purely on the sale of wine. -100 echoes for the supplies and fuel, + 270 on the wine. That makes a total of +170 echoes guaranteed.

Mutton Island > explore > you see something glowing > third option w/check > judgment egg > profit.

Is the Key of Histories something we can pick up, or is it a placeholder for later content. I’d like to do something in the Khanate besides engender suspicion

Pretty sure it’s just a placeholder and not a real item.

Yep, the Key of Histories is just a placeholder for content that will come in some future update.

So, if I got the Serpent Statue wbefore having the Magician, I’m boned?

The event with the Serpent Statue will come up again, eventually. You just need to keep visiting Venderbight until the opportunity arises.

I’m still waiting for it on my current captain as, after you get your first (not including giving it to the Magician), it has an option to advance a different story.