A Change to Time, the Healer

Just got my TtH for today, and the text now says &quotNotability hasn’t changed because it’s lower than 14.&quot That’s a very significant difference, as it was 7 last time. Another time it was 6. One wonders what causes the change.

– Mal

Notability changes if it’s higher than your Making Waves. Since your Making Waves number is going to be different most times TTH comes that message will also change

In other words, for the “lower than n” number, n=MW, then?

– Mal

Yes that number is your MW level.

Correct. But you will only see that message if, in fact, your Notability <= MW. Otherwise your Notability will drop by 1.

I always thought that it capped out at whatever your Making Waves happened to be.

[spoiler]So, for example if I somehow had 15 Notability, but ended the week with Making Waves at 12, when ‘Time, the Healer’ rolled around my Notability would become 12 and my Making Waves would halve (as per normal) to 6.
Then if I still did nothing, when TTH happened my Notability would be reduced to the new cap of 6 (equal to my MW) then my MW would halve to 3.
If I continued to eschew Making Waves, the next TTH would cause my Notability to become 3 and my MW become 1. (3/2, rounded down.)

I could be entirely wrong on this, as I’ve never been game to test it myself and usually use the first day or two to make sure I have enough Making Waves to ensure my Notability doesn’t drop at all.
But that’s the impression I’ve had for a while now. Have I been wrong all this time? :-) [/spoiler]

As far as I know it’s just a 1 point drop. The current system is a revision of the old one wherein Notability would drop by 1 point each week regardless of your Making Waves.