A change in waiting times?

The first time I got a Right-Hand Side of the Screaming Map from the Masked Clay Man, he was prompt in showing up at my townhouse within 24 hours. However, this time it has been three days without as much as a knock. Do others have similar experiences?

I am also waiting for notice from the Numismatrix since it was first possible to approach her, which translates to a similar amount of time. There is only so long one can be At Home before even tea loses its taste.

Yes, I think I’m on my third day of waiting for the Numismatrix.

Same here: for some days now I have been awaiting further news on the Numismatrix, a map half, and results from both Ladybones Road and Veilgarden. I am beginning to wonder if there’s a bug related to triggering multiple ‘delayed’ actions.

Edit: Bug report sent.
Edit the second: I am informed that there is an unplanned delay, and that it is (already) being addressed.
edited by Esterhazy on 4/2/2012
Edit the third: successfully contacted by one Numismatrix. Still no sign of Screaming Map half. Patience, he urges himself.
edited by Esterhazy on 4/3/2012

[color=rgb(51, 0, 153)]Have you reported this as a potential bug please? ebbugs@failbettergames.com[/color]