A Certain Search

(let’s hope this doesn’t disappear)
Hello everyone. There is a certain piece of information in FL that some people are trying to find. It’s a very interesting, if costful, endeavor. Part of it involves bringing others into it. I was hoping there would be some who are interested in beginning this. You simply need thirty watchful and three Sch0lar of the C0rrespondence. I can’t say too much about it, as it attracts the attention of… something 3mpty.
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This whole “threads being forgotten and eaten” thing is kind of creeping me out. Well done, whatever evil devious mind is behind this.

Also, upon trying to post in the “forgotten” threads… I can no longer see them in the forum listing.

I’m 99% certain this will disappear once it’s not 5:00 am in London anymore, so I’d suggest trying your luck elsewhere. Or going with the options that don’t require player participation.

Allanon: They’re still around, see this post.
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I know. That’s why I was hoping to find someone quickly. Martriarchs are my only other option and their cost is be cutting into my Overgoat grinding.

Ive got an alt that is almost at level 3 archeologist. Gonna take a few days though to get there.

As this thread has survived and I still need to do this to two other people… Is anyone out there interested?

Relevant to the correspondance? Indeed I am intrigued. You have my ears.

This is a path of great pain and suffering that will teach you nothing of the Correspondance. I suggest you go to the University instead.

Well you’ll probably learn something about the Correspondence. You might regret it.

It’s fun! Try it!

Any information is relevant information. The university and I… had a disagreement. Politics and beurocracy, eh? Pain and suffering are only challenges that make a man stronger.

I am willing and ready.

Shade, I will send you an invitation once I’m able to.

I’m happy to join in this debacle. Send for me if you wish.