A certain quantity of illuminatory devices

Dear friends. I must beg some information from those in the know: I recently finished unspeakably desecrating my mind, body and soul and am now awaiting an opportunity to send me to the next part of my quest. I drew and discarded the card many times before I had the appropriate number of disfigurements - I wasn’t under the impression that it was terribly uncommon. However, since I completed the requisite atrocities I’ve yet to see the card, despite fairly active flipping almost every day and nearly perfect daytime flipping during most the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. I expected it to appear roughly a month and a half ago, perhaps longer. Am I missing something? has something changed, or have I just fallen victim to the malice of the RNG once again?

Your insights are appreciated.

It’s probably just the RNG. Perhaps you could try disqualifying yourself from as many cards as possible? I understand that players generally dislike squandering connections, but it does make a difference. Granted, I didn’t have any POSI items at the time so my deck was more limited than yours can be. I wish you luck.

Mm. That’s been my strategy, to consistently little avail. Unfortunately I’ve reached most of the content boundaries in the game, so I have an untoward amount of standard opportunities that I’m unable to get rid of.