A carefully approached topic

I have a decision that involves the use of Fate with which I am happy to part. My question is a bit RP in nature, so I am happy to entertain the conversation by private message if appropriate.

I wonder only this: My character is a career Shadowy whose larcenous methods are very watchful - information is what he most loves to steal. I am closing in on Jack, and can proceed either cautiously with investigation or boldly by picking up his knife.

My character is quite vain and cautious; the Knuckle-Scarred Inspector warned me that he worried whatever was about to happen to me was his fault. I would like to prove him wrong, not right.

I’m interested to know what this matter decides for my character. Do I get some quality for failing to avoid becoming Jack? Is it one of those situations where I end up the same place and can do what’s more fun?

On one hand, wouldn’t picking up the knife be a reckless move? On the other, that yellow box and its warning are tantalizing me.

I haven’t played the content myself, but from what I can tell picking up the knife has no lasting effects. You ostensibly get an extra piece of content about you experience as Jack, but nothing more than that. As I’ve said, I’ve not played this content myself so this may not be entirely accurate.

I will say, if you only have a limited amount of Fate, it’s likely better spent at the ending. It’s the only way to get all the information, and it runs a tidy profit to boot.

I personally did both Fate options in this story, and while I thought it was fun, my friend who did things the other way also had an interesting time of it.