a brief moment of Irrigo-flavoured regret.

To thin out my Opportunity Deck, I changed from a 5-card lodgings to a 3-card Remote Address the other day.

Today, I decided I would have some spare actions and now was a good time to get my weekly Irrigo tan, so I used up most of the actions I had then went to the Cave of the Nadir, with the view to log in an hour or so later and use the cards+actions that had accumulated in that time.

Guess who didn’t remember to change back to 5-card lodgings before doing so?
(Mistakes were made… T_T )

I do this embarrassingly often.

Is it really worth switching to remote address to thin the opportunity deck? Considering the amount of time I put in towards getting a 5 card lodging I find it hard to switch back…

It really depends on what you’re doing. I rather enjoy having a larger opp deck to store cards I may need, but trying to draw the Skin of the Bazaar rare card is a lot harder with so many City Vices showing up.

In my case, it’s Call in favours in the Flit. But yes, this entirely.
If I’m grinding Making Waves, having the Sardonic Music Hall Singer show up isn’t so bad. But when I’m trying to get to 3200 Certifiable Scrap, it’s significantly less helpful. (Don’t even get me started on the Struggling Artist. :-p )

Yeah, I’m not expecting it anytime soon. I’ve already spent my past month of Exceptional Friendship-increased deck size mostly in the Sidestreets to no avail. Good thing I just want the USfiG finish for plot instead of needing anything mechanical.

The story does take place through opp cards so I’d recommend only doing that if you have a five-card lodging available.

Now that switching lodgings has an action cost, this is even more inconvenient. I think it’s still profitable though. A remote address is a huge bonus with a top-tier deck, and those extra cards are very useful in the Nadir.