A boxful of intrigue

I got a boxful of intrigue from a storylet, but can’t find it anywhere in my inventory. Before writing to the tiger, I wanted to ask in what part of the inventory it is supposed to be? Perhaps I just didn’t see it.

It’s a quality.

Oh, that explains it. Thanks.

I resume this old thread to ask something that puzzles me a bit.
What is the point of having the option to increase the boxful of intrigue in the cards that oppose two Connections, if the result is exactly the same of the options in the Flit? (increase of boxful of intrigue and shadowy)
Aren’t these a bit… useless?

I’m speaking (of course) from the point of view of someone that finished the affair of the box storylet.

It’s there to provide more variety in the text and more details in flavor and worldbuilding (which is, after all, the primary engagement in FL).

But it’s still strange. Usually game narrative choices correspond always to (even just slightly) different mechanical results, here’s really just exactly the same.

They aren’t quite the same - yes you progress the Boxes of Intrigue with the conflict cards and increase shadowy but they don’t raise the Power in Waiting quality that you get playing through the Affair of the Box.

I don’t see why it would be too different anyway. You’re still engaging in the same pursuit–Bazaar related intrigue. You can raise Fascinating and other running qualities in different places, and they’re functionally the same In every way. The text is what makes the difference.
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It just seems to me an awful waste of a shiny separate storylet :)
There is simply no reason to choose it, which is a pity. (also, several of them could be easily nerfed to increase/decrease quirks, in the spirit of the new “story-driven” changes to quirks)

Pretty sure the main advantage is that they still work at Turncoat 4, although Turncoat is easy enough to cure anyway.

true, didn’t think about that.

I think they also have the advantage that the first one isn’t stat-locked? This is only advantage for someone who already progressed the storyline past those requirements at some point of time and then lost a bunch of shadowy(?), but it’s there …