A bizarre option

I just got the pet card for my Preening Macaw and noticed that a new option had been added. A bizarre challenge no less, chancy (at 4) I failed it, but it boosted my bizarre quality to 2. It would seem that Failbetter has started to impliment the new qualities for real now and that they may function quite like the original 4 main qualities. I’m pretty sure there must be similar options for the other connection pets as well. I must say I’m looking forward to seeing what this will bring in the future.

Confirmed: my Hungover Terrier had an option for a Bizarre test (Almost Impossible at +1), failing it totalled me with Bizarre 2.

There are indeed. I had success with my grubby kitten (modest at 6) and was rather pleased with the results.
It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of thing requires these new stats, and whether any existing content will be changed to use it. (e.g. bizarre points as a reward for printing outlandish newspapers)

I was able to, ah… put my racing slug out for stud. This disturbing action increased my respectable quality. I am curious about the caps of these new stats; I had rather hoped they would be mostly equipment based.

Yep, my Bizarre too. Oh well, not much harm done ^^

[color=#009900]Our (specifically, in fact, my) mistake. We are adding stories which test Respectable, Bizarre and Dreaded, but they won’t increase through experience. Sorry for the confusion![/color]

No problem at all!

So, I need to pick a pet then. I’d been holding off until I saw what FBG were going to use the three new qualities for, but it sounds like there are actions out there already. So far I’m evenly matched in all three of them (2 each) from my inventory items, so I’m unsure which way to go…

You could take the new Qualities into account too. Every pet comes with 1 level in either Gates of the Garden, Fingerwork, Eyes of Icarus or Fallen Cities. From a strictly mechanical point of view, currently there’s actions out there that allow to increase Gates of the Garden (seeing the true Exceptional Rose and dreaming of a High Place), Eyes of Icarus (dreaming of a Vieyard) or Fingerwork (Dreaming of Serpents). You could choose a pet that gives Fallen Cities. Or, better, considering that probably soon an opportunity wil pop up to acquire Fallen Cities too, you just take the pet your favorite behaviour leads you to (for example, in my case I chose to warn a Bohemian spy that she was going too far for her own sake, and she invited me to the revel where I got my Hungover Terrier. I’m quite content with the choice ^^).