A bigger hand?

Has anyone else noticed a new layout to the Story tab? Instead of a one-by-four row for my hand, I now see three card slots on top and one on the bottom. Might this mean that five-card lodgings are on their way?

I did notice and I hope it’s a bug; I like my cards on one line.

I also am seeing the layout you describe, Seberin: two rows, with three on top and one on bottom.

Oh good, others in misery. I thought perhaps it was just me. Good to know that I didn’t mess anything up personally.

I wouldn’t mind this being the new layout if there are 5-6 card lodgings coming our way, but I think it needs a bit of adjustment. I don’t really care for the way the discard overlaps the 4th card slot, and the spacing/alignment seems a bit off.

[color=#009900]Relax, folks, it’s a glitch. We’ll have it fixed up shortly.[/color]

And here I thought I’d be able to hoard some more cards. Ah, well.
Good to know they’re already on top of it, though.