9th Mr. Sacks [possible spoilers]

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We know that during the 12 days of Mr. Sacks the first visitor is Mr. Sacks, the 8th visitor is Silas the Showman, and the others are Nomen impersonating various Masters. The Seventh Noman is a Noman impersonating Mr. Eaten. It’s possible that it’s Mr. Eaten himself, but I believe he’d be the Seventh Sacks in that case, not Ninth.
We know that Noman are made out of lacre and blood.
It stands to reason that the Nomen impersonating the Masters are made out of Masters’ blood.
Which begs the question - who made Mr. Eaten’s Noman? How? Is there a supply of thousand years old blood left from Mr. Candles? Does someone have access to the remains? Is Mr. Eaten connected to lacre after being drowned in it?

I’m not sure blood is actually required to form a Noman. It’s only required for YOU to form a Noman. I’ve always held to the belief that sprinkling a bit of your own blood symbolically offers a part of your life force to the lacre, thus giving it a definite shape and set of loyalties.

In theory, at least, the Masters have pledged a fairly substantial amount of their life force to the Bazaar, the originator of the lacre, and therefore naturally act as the templates for the Sacks’ Nomen. Following that logic, you might say that Mr. Candles offered (however willing- and/or unwillingly) its entire life force, which means an Eaten Noman is practically inevitable. Sorrowful dreams and sacrifice drive Noman formation in the mind of the Bazaar, and who better to guide such a process than the Master of Dreams?
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While this is certainly possible, I find this answer unsatisfying. If Masters don’t play by established rules, then they are effectively unknowable and and nothing we ever learn applies to them. The mystery can not be solved.

Doesn’t that Mr Sacks appear in a dream? I think that might actually be Mr Eaten. Possibly the presence of lacre in wintertime amplifies his powers just enough for him to manifest in dreams.

The reason I believe it is a Noman and not Mr. Eaten himself is the order of his appearance. We know that the Number is seven. Eaten Sacks appears is the ninth Sacks to visit you. However, he is a seventh Noman to visit you. First there’s the real Mr. Sacks and eight is Mr. Shacksh. If this was a real Mr. Eaten, you’d expect him to be the seventh visitor, not ninth.

Is there an actual &quotMr. Sacks?&quot I always thought he was a role the Masters (or their Noman expys, in this case) played, much like Mr. Chimes.

And I thought the &quotMr. Eaten&quot Sacks was a Noman like all the others, because one of the options you can pick when he visits you causes him to…pull himself apart or something, and collapse on your windowsill, and then the next day it’s covered in lacre.
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Pretty sure there isn’t a real mr sacks, just the snowmen and silas.

Which Master was Mr Chimes?

Mr Sacks and Mr Chimes are not real Masters (likewise, Mr Names).

The first &quotMr Sacks&quot that visits you is very likely a lacre copy of Mr Spices (read the text carefully and you can figure out which of the Masters are the originals of each of the copies that appear in the different days).

On Day 4 there’s no Mr Sacks visit, and on day 8 &quotMr Sacks&quot is actually Silas. So the Day 9 &quotMr Sacks&quot is indeed the seventh to appear.

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What does not being a real Masters mean, then? Are they aliases? An individual that aren’t ASB but happens to adopt the name?

We don’t fully know. That’s the mystery :-)

But whatever they are, Mr Sacks and Mr Chimes are &quotspecial&quot. We definitely know that all the individuals we see as Mr Sacks during this event are placeholders of the &quotreal&quot Masters (and can determine which is which).

Also, if you buy the Incarnadine Fur Robe, wearing it you are referred to (by other Masters) as Mr Sacks, and the vibe I get from that is that they know fully well who you are (after all, a Master sent you the Robe), but by wearing it you are &quotMr Sacks&quot for that moment.

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Mr. Chimes is believed to be a role that the other Masters take turns playing. Mr. Sacks appears to be as well (though in this case, they send Noman versions of themselves instead of coming in person).

I’ve not heard of Mr. Names before. Is he the Master of Twitter? :P

Hm. What about the Mr. Sacks in Sunless Sea? Who would they be?

Pretty much :-)

Not a real Master, of course. Just an account which claims: &quotAccept no substitutes. [All authentic Echo Bazaar accounts are followed by Mr Names.]&quot. It’s been there for a long long time.

It’s too bad that of the so many Fallen London character accounts, none are really active. If Sinning Jenny has had a Twitter account since 2009 and has never tweeted for years, even when running and winning an election. A shame.

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