7 facts about your character

In DeviantArt, there is a meme in which people post 8 facts about their original character. But this is Fallen London, so it had to be 7.

The drill of this thread is simple: you post 7 interesting facts about your character(s), one fact per slot. (Naturally, no one will really enforce the ‘one fact per slot’ rule strictly, just don’t write a lot - it’s supposed to be a quick exercise. It’s OK to make more than one post per character - I usually do it in DA every time I get bored, which means that some of my characters already have more than 100 facts under their belts.)

I’ll start it to serve as an example:

7 facts about Professor Strix

  1. &quotStrix&quot is her first name. Her full name is Strix van Allen (which is a fake name, by the way).
  2. I know it makes her &quotProfessor Van Allen&quot, but I didn’t know that FL had social interactions when I joined, so I registered her using the Brazilian naming convention of Title + First Name and I won’t pay fate to change it.
  3. She is in London for about three years now, two of which she spent becoming a POSI.
  4. The Professor brought a bunch of useful skills from her vampire-hunting days in Surface, besides her knowledge in Chemistry, which explains why it took her so little time to raise to relevance.
  5. Her specialty was extracting medicinal compounds from plants, which she tested with the help of her brother (a professor of Medicine).
  6. She is a consultive detective, meaning that she mostly helps other detectives, spies and Constables as a CSI-for-hire and/or advice-dispenser, instead of looking for the criminals herself.
  7. She also works currently as a guest lecturer at the University and will teach courses about subjects ranging from Prelapsarian Archeology to Chiropteromancy.

Okay, this sounds fun, I’m in.

7 Facts about Absimiliard:

  1. They’ve been heard to claim the tiger Dawon is their cousin.
  2. They almost never remove their spectacles in public.
  3. They claim their first memory is of falling into the Unterzee near Irem.
  4. They were raised aboard ship in the Captain’s cabin as a cabin boy.
  5. They are a widow, or widower, … . their wife is lost forever.
  6. They are more familiar with Classical history and literature than modern.
  7. They play the guitar and sing of loss and endings.

7 True Facts about Elias Lowe II

  1. Eli has widely and publicly been known never to take the intimate company of others, despite their lengthy stays in Veilgarden, The Brass Embassy and the Shuttered Palace. This has recently changed.

  2. Eli is fluent in Russian, but retains an unsightly English accent. He is also fluent in English, but retains his Russian accent.

  3. Eli was formerly a licentiate working under an anonymous agent of the Bazaar, but renounced their service shortly before The Flowerdene Reclamation.

  4. Elias has published multiple philosophical and poetical works of literature under the pen name “Anton Chekov”

  5. Eli has never been sent to prison over a crime he’s committed, but has been sentenced between six and eight times.

  6. Ezekiel owes it’s entire existence to Eli, although the exact nature of their relationship is sketchy and lacks explanation. Ezekiel claims that Eli is his mother.

  7. Eli will, in his lifetime, advance the study of a particular breed of martial art and become a sort of unnamed grandfather to the martial art known as “Systema”.

Hey, looks like I can blame Eli for one of the most miserable units I ever had to sit through in my old high school Literature class. Shoulda left him in that oubliette :P


7 true facts about Flesh-Stick (my version of him, anyway, not the original version…though some could apply to the original version too I guess…and…oh, just read the darn thing!)

  1. &quotFlesh-Stick&quot is obviously not his real name. He does not remember what his real name is.

  2. Although he likes to run around without pants if he can get away with it, he NEVER takes off his mask in public. He considers exposing the face underneath to anyone other than a lover (or possibly a doctor if he has a killer zit or something) to be VERY perverted.

  3. He dislikes sitting in chairs and prefers to flop down on the floor. He does sleep in a bed but sleeps curled up unless there is someone in the bed with him, in which case he will sleep with his arms around them. This can get annoying for those who need their space. Fleshy is not good at giving people space.

  4. Before coming to the Neath, he was involved in human trafficking. Nearly all of said humans died horribly. He has been severely punished for this, but still gets weepy and ashamed when remembering it. Considers the horror and misery the Neath heaps upon him to be justly deserved.

  5. Although mostly unconcerned with his appearance, his mohawks are his pride and joy. He dislikes studying the Correspondence for obvious reasons. He is a redhead underneath all the hair dye.

  6. Was thrown out by his mother at a very young age. However, he has repressed this memory and thinks she is simply lost. He often worries about her or asks people if they’ve seen her…or if they ARE her.

  7. Although his mask hides them, Flesh-Stick has freckles

  1. The name ‘Lamea Lawless’ was one I picked at random when I signed up, before I ever thought of roleplaying Lamia. I was thinking of the snake woman from Greek mythology. Also, I misspelled it. I only recently fixed the spelling, but I changed the history behind the name.

  2. Relatedly, Lamia is an Arabic name. I can’t get a consensus from my internet, er, &quotresearch&quot as to whether it means &quotbright, shining one&quot or &quotshe with the dark lips.&quot But Lamia is not Arabian.

  3. Lamia spent a significant portion of her youth in India. But she’s not Indian. She’s very secretive about her ethnic make-up. She’s half-English, but won’t talk about the other half. It’s entirely possible she’s taciturn about it specifically to spite people who spend too much time scrutinizing other people’s bloodlines.

  4. Lamia is a person of appetites. Not for the usual debaucheries, but for mysteries and knowledge. She’s also a huge gourmand. As a result, she’s particularly susceptible to Unaccountably Peckish. She never goes Seeking, though, because she already has an obsession. (Spoilers: It’s Hell.)

  5. Lamia’s favorite food is pickles. They go a long way towards combating those passing bouts of Unaccountably Peckish.

  6. Lamia once posed nude for a painting for the Repentant Forger, with the understanding that she would be the one to take the painting home. There was some miscommunication, there. It’s been circulating around London for a while, and she finally tracked it down in the possession of a man who’s claiming both that he painted it, and that she shared a drink with him afterwards. Vengeance is imminent.

  7. On that note, Lamia doesn’t drink. She doesn’t use laudanum, or any of the other medicines of the era containing things like alcohol and opium. She doesn’t take Prisoner’s Honey, either. But she’s not part of the Temperance movement.

Note: Please don’t use this information ICly if it hasn’t come up in any roleplays yet. For instance, lots of people would be able to notice that she sticks to her Darjeeling, but unless they’ve been snooping, they wouldn’t know about India or Lamia’s occasional Unaccountable Binges. (If they do snoop, that’s something I want to write out &quoton-screen.&quot)

7 facts about Derek Davies

  1. He pretended to have a scar to join the Fisher-Kings when he was a child, because they lived in Velgarden and he has also liked fancy things.
  2. He betrayed just about anyone for money or booze at some point, so every faction in London has a reason to hate him.
  3. Except the Rubberies. He never bothered with Rubberies.
  4. He sold his soul at some point for a hefty sum. (How it ended stuffed in a bat is still a mystery.)
  5. Derek is seeking a name (but not THE name).
  6. He was already part-bat before his adventures in a bat body, the fangs and ears are not a side-effect.
  7. He never had someone to really look after him and most of his life was an aimless search for pleasure and riches, so he has loads of trouble understanding feelings. Of course, he just had to be found by a romantically clueless professor that will not help him much with this.

True Facts about Ezekiel the Consumed

  1. Ezekiel does not have a brain or central nervous system due to his fungal form. Instead, he stores memories in every cell of his body similar to the way an octopus does. As far as humans go, Ezekiel has genius-level intellect.

  2. Ezekiel is thoroughly disgusted by the sight of human consumption of things. He has to look away when people take bites of their meals, but has largely gotten over people drinking around him, although he doesn’t like it.

  3. Ezekiel feels pain, but doesn’t find it fully unpleasant or pleasant, just THERE. The only sensation he dislikes is the feeling of tight clothes and the few sensations he does like is feeling up rusty cutlery for their texture.

  4. Ezekiel is blind, deaf and dumb when controlling a body, but he has since learned to grow his own ears and vocal chords. He uses echo-location and smell to &quotsee&quot.

  5. Ezekiel does not drink the vinegar.

  6. A trickster at heart, EZ always enjoys catching other humanlike off balance. Usually, this involves mercilessly teasing Eli in public. Since the first time that EZ was in a body when it died, he has since become far more solemn.

  7. EZ is a knowledge sponge, possessing a photographic memory and being able to re-create voices and sounds with remarkable accuracy only having heard them once. He technically has a doctorate, but Benthic wouldn’t aware it to him when they found out about the whole mushroom thing. He possesses great vengeance in his heart because of this.

Seven Facts about Eglantine

  1. Sold their soul once, and loved it. No hard feelings toward the devil responsible, even after getting it back.

  2. They’re actually quite intelligent, and exceedingly curious, but the hedonistic dandy act is a good way to avoid having to think about things they’re hiding from. Pleasure-seeking is their way of getting some temporary peace of mind.

  3. Eglantine’s sentimental, and if you come to them needing help, it’s entirely likely that you’ll get it.

  4. They come from a wealthy and respectable family in Wales. Eglantine has discarded that respectability from a rather young age.

  5. Their elder brother was the biggest influence for them to take up crime, seductions and other dubious pursuits, following in his footsteps.

  6. They relish their ambiguity of gender, but find themself presenting a bit more masculine more often, because it’s the easier path to having others treat them with basic human respect.

  7. Worryingly fascinated by devils. There are Reasons they keep a good supply of burn cream, and those reasons are scandalous ones.

  1. Passionario is a bastard, both figuratively and literally. Given that he was born in a highly religious culture where infidelity was considered a mortal sin, this fact has colored his perception of the world and of himself.

  2. &quotPassionario&quot was a spy code name that he decided to keep after one of his earlier operations. He no longer remembers his real name. His current moniker in the Game is &quotRook&quot, because of his straightforward methods and long reach.

  3. While he was eyeless, he navigated through the world by listening to a chorus of whispering voices inside his head. The one time their advice failed him, it resulted in him getting kicked out by the Masters.

  4. His Neathy marriage to the Celebrated Model is completely devoid of love, passion or tenderness. He wanted status, she wanted money, and both of them routinely cheat on each other.

  5. At zee, he has been known to engage in a peculiar sort of piracy, wherein he invites the crew and passengers of another ship to board his pleasure yacht for a hedonistic celebration. While they’re preoccupied, their own vessel is stripped of all valuables. The victims are usually too embarrassed or hungover to press charges.

  6. Passionario is a covert supporter of the Brimstone Convention and wants the Iron Republic to be erased like a bad memory.

  7. He gave up Seeking the Name twice. The Name never gave up on Seeking him.
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  1. Amyntas is not only a habitual crossdresser, but is part of a small group of men who make a habit of dolling themselves up and hitting Veilgarden on wilder nights.

  2. Amyntas is married. Possibly to a dockworker, possibly to a criminal. He’s also seen with a semi-successful author that regularly dresses up like a large bird. Nobody seems to know why any of this is so.

  3. Amyntas does not have a soul. Having some rather weighty contacts in the Brass Embassy, it’s only natural that a Devil would eventually come calling with a considerable offer.

  4. Amyntas has a watch with an uncountable number of hands, pointing to all the times it currently isn’t. It’s very loud and hard to read.

  5. Amyntas loved a clay woman once. Or a dockworker. Or both, of course. It’s hard to say. In either case, it probably wasn’t the Pirate-Poet.

  6. Amyntas may have a bottle of M____s B___d, or he may just say that so the revolutionaries he rubs shoulders with think he’s a big deal.

  7. Amyntas’ true loyalties lie with the Masters, which is fundamentally unalike to being aligned with the Bazaar. It’s unclear why, as none of them seem especially interested in him.

7 facts on Amelia Syrus. Or really the things I don’t think will ever come up roleplay wise.

  1. One of the many names she’s made up for herself over the years. Only difference is someone special gave her the last name Syrus, so she’s a bit attached to the name.

  2. For that matter, she doesn’t remember her original name or what happened when she was 4 save for the fact it involves fire.

  3. Not Irish. Though what she knows is &quotstreet Irish&quot because of the Brass Reds, an Irish mafia she joined when she was 15 yrs old and told she was &quottoo old&quot to stay with her urchin gang.

  4. She is the last standing member of the Brass Reds. But as far as anyone knows, they have been terminated.

  5. She’s also been declared dead a few times but luck is always on her side with that. Which is to say she is good at faking her death. When she actually died for the first time in the Neath, she was surprised she wasn’t slapped for evading it for so long.

  6. Hates wearing dresses. She thinks people take her less seriously in a dress than a suit.

  7. Actually a player in The Great Game but hasn’t dived further into it. She wants to finish her quest of revenge before doing so as to &quotnot mix emotions with the profession.&quot

7 “facts” on Dean Lee. Quotes are b/C his character is still in flux a bit, tryna avoid making him too Mary Sue.

  1. Dean is an old title, he was Dean of Miskatonic University.

  2. (this is the Mary Sue bit) He was originally from another world, the Lovecraft one, which parallels the Neath much like parabola.

  3. He was sent through against his will.

  4. He was a professor of Botany.

  5. He wanted to go home for a long time, he is no longer so sure.

  6. He is still very academically curious.

  7. He desires peace, contentment, and the satisfaction of curiosity.

7 Facts about Dirae Erinyes

  1. Despite rumors to the contrary, they were not kicked out of court due to their blasphemous opera. They were kicked out due to their water ballet, which only got as a far as Dirae Erinyes flooding the throne room. Their defense is that the choreography needed a bigger body of water then the garden could provide.

  2. They were at one point engaged to the Celebrated’s Artist Model, due to a surface level attraction to their looks and figuring why not. They had given up on love at this point, and figured it would be just a more expensive courtship - a pleasant distraction but nothing serious. In the middle of this courtship, she met Evensong. The rest is history. While Dirae Erinyes doesn’t view the Celebrated Artist Model with enmity, the amount of bombs sent to their address with a certain scented stationary reveals the Celebrated Artist Model may feel otherwise.

  3. Dirae Erinyes has given up seeking the name, even if they can’t fully escape it’s echoes in London. They however, have refused to give up their scars, especially on the soul. They find it useful in finding devils that appreciate them for more then their soul.

  4. Dirae Erinyes is fascinated by the academic pursuit of history. While they have researched deeply in the fourth city, the rumor of a second city of Egyptian origin is their personal goal as they dig through the quarter. Egyptian mythology and magic was a personal obsession of their parents, and they would be interested in seeing how it changed in the Neath.

  5. Dirae Erinyes is had two names previously. The first was Subject Five, as given to them by their parents. Galatea was the next named, given to her by her first wife, Morning Glory. Dirae Erinyes was the first time they had named themselves. Evensong has declined the offer of bestowing a new name.

  6. Dirae Erinyes has a legitimate love of terrible penny dreadfuls. They claim that they spent so much time writing gothic novels of such terrible quality on the surface that they can’t help loving the art form.

  7. Dirae Erinyes has some very pointed opinions about Frankenstein. Most of them are about bad parenting. A few of them are about the issues of using the process vaguely described in the novel. One of them is about the unnecessary need to create other creatures just for a date.

That’s not Sue-ish at all. The thing that makes a Sue is having no internal struggles to overcome. RPing someone from a different world can actually provide a fresh and interesting perspective. I think your character’s backstory sounds just fine ;)

  1. He is hardly ever seen in public with skin showing. He’s as coy about it as a Tomb-Colonist, and for not dissimilar reasons.

  2. He has a peculiar tic that manifests when he is distracted or nervous, a seven-fold tapping rhythm. He developed the habit recently, after overcoming a most troubling obsession. If he catches himself doing it, he stops immediately.

  3. He loves his old Pleasure Yacht so much that he saved it from the zeebed around Void’s Approach and sails the old husk still.

  4. He’s the editor-in-chief of a Calendar Council propaganda pamphlet called &quotThe Wayward Echo&quot, although recently the publishing schedule has been a little erratic.

  5. He has a small room in the bottommost hold of his ship filled with small, mirror-lined boxes. Make of that what you will.

  6. He has a keen interest in archaeology, and when in London can often be found combing through the Forgotten Quarter with uncharacteristic glee.

  7. Try as he might, he just cannot get The Cat’s Chiefest Claw out of mind, much to the chagrin of his poor Boneless Consort.

[quote=Kukapetal][quote=Dean Lee]

  1. (this is the Mary Sue bit) He was originally from another world, the Lovecraft one, which parallels the Neath much like parabola.


That’s not Sue-ish at all. The thing that makes a Sue is having no internal struggles to overcome. RPing someone from a different world can actually provide a fresh and interesting perspective. I think your character’s backstory sounds just fine ;)[/quote]

Thanks Kuka :)


  1. Whenever she sees jewels or gold, she feels as if she had to steal it
  2. She is an old romantic, loving Carmilla and crying whenever she reads it.
  3. She is a weird case, in that she would appreciate if women were allowed to show more skin, however if she saw the clothes people wear in the summer today, she would say they wear more than in her second dirtiest dreams, the dirtiest feautering no clothes
  4. She actually likes dresses, but you can’t climb in them so she is seen rarely in one
  5. She is very loyal and priud of being a thief
  6. She will probably end up as a grandmother of the Nuke
  7. Despite her putting such a good accent on, she ISN’T russian. She is polish
    (OOC: I hope Maria isn’t a Sue…?

I’m unclear on the exact definition of a Mary Sue other than it being shorthand for a &quotshallow, uncomplex and uninspired character&quot. It might mean something different in other circles? Would anyone care to elaborate on the exact meaning?

I try to dissect Mary Sues here: What's wrong with Mary Sues? by StrixVanAllen on DeviantArt

Basically, a Mary-Sue is always “right.” The Sue’s perspective is the same as the absolute reality, which means they never need to learn anything, overcome any struggle, undergo any character development, or have their skewed perspective set straight by another character. They teach everyone in the story but no one needs to teach them anything, because their perspective is the same as the author’s. Even if the author does try to give them a few character flaws, they will be purely cosmetic and not important to the plot.

Any problems Mary Sue has in the story will be solved by external forces. Does Mary-Sue worry that she’s not good enough for her love interest? Will she have to learn to be more confident or find a way to prove to him that she’s worthy or come to realize that his respect is not worth earning and it’s more important what she thinks of herself? NO! Any of those things would require character development! She won’t need to do anything but mope and wait and eventually he’ll come to her and tell her she’s a amazing and to never doubt herself because he thinks she’s perfect.

Whew! That’s a relief! For a second I thought something interesting might happen! :P

Some people think being a Mary-Sue has more to do with being overly beautiful or having really over the top magic powers or a super tragic backstory, and while it’s true that lots of Sues do have these traits, it’s likely because they are both end products of the same thing-bad writing. A bad writer is more likely to write a Sue, and a bad writer is more likely to write cheesy, overly dramatic backstories, overdo their characters powers, or focus too much on their character’s appearance.

However, in reality, there are many Sues who do not have these traits and many well-written characters who do, so it’s best not to focus on them. It’s the lack of an internal, character-driven struggle that defines a Mary-Sue.