4 Main Attributes at 200...How do I advance?

I thought when I hit 200 on all my qualities, I would quit being told I couldn’t go beyond 200, there would be spectacular fireworks, and I could blithely go on my way continuing to advance.

That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Can anyone give me a clue as to what, if anything, does happen?



200 is the stat cap. You can raise 1 of them ever so slightly beyond that using Notability, but beyond that you’re capped.


Yeah, probably. Any further cap raises would invalidate the Notability boosts.


…well, the Cave of the Nadir will lower them a little. But yes, 200 is the end of stat raising. Not the end of stories, mind you. You quite possibly still have a decent bit of content to explore, and that’s not counting future content.
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I thought I saw somewhere that certain actions needed stat level between 200 and 300. Was I hitting the Amanita Sherry too hard?

Thank you for your answers.

graceagain again

The only action I can recall requiring that is the one that raises your Scholar of the Correspondence level, and for that you mostly use equipment (a couple rare cards give you a +30 hat you can use for an hour).

I would be surprised if the stat capped won’t get raised again. Spending Notability just allows you to raise stats above if you need a couple extra points. My guess is there will be a third level to PoSI which unlocks getting stats above 200 at some point.

I hope so…I have been so looking forward to ascending to the next level. My balloon is a bit deflated to find out there is no new level. Yet.

I read somewhere that the ambitions are no more than half completed, and I don’t think people will be expected to stay at the stat cap while playing through the second half of them… so I expect there will be another stat raise at some point.

And, of course, there’s always the mystery of Paramount Presence, which no one has yet discovered. Perhaps that allows you to go further. Perhaps it requires you to have, somehow, already gone further. We may never know.

How do you advance further?

Hesperidian Cider. That should solve your issue.

I assume Trodgmey is joking, since a couple people here have Cider and haven’t mentioned that it affects stats . . .

I never saw the stat-raising as a goal in itself, so I’m not that affected by the stat capping. There are much more things to look after, so I have no feelings that my game has ended or has become less interesting just because I’m capped.
And after all there are still many skill tests that require more than 200.

So, over two years later and…

Nothing seems to have changed! Notability still raises stats beyond 200, and Paramount Presence hasn’t been uncovered yet. We can only wait…

[quote=graceagain]I thought I saw somewhere that certain actions needed stat level between 200 and 300. Was I hitting the Amanita Sherry too hard?

Thank you for your answers.

graceagain again[/quote]

Certain actions require modified stat levels above 200–raising Renown at higher levels, for instance.

…I just realized I’m over two years late, but still.

Back when this thread was started, the content at the high reaches was a good deal more sparse than it is now. As it is, I’d rather a continued expansion of needed stats above 150 before another stat cap raise. Heck, in the last 7 or so months, my 200 Dangerous as slid down to 172 from the Nadir because there aren’t challenges at that level for Dangerous.