4 card residences

I am, of course, planning on having all three of them.
Further I hope to have them before next hollowmass, even though I might only get to upgrade one of them.

I’m starting to think my best chance at getting a 4 card lodging passed when I went from watcher to the 2 notability version of the job. I’d have had enough in 4 months of logging in and doing almost nothing. Having lost that opportunity, what else comes to mind as a useful grind towards this goal?

Or, should I just let it happen as I grind towards something else, the zea, a zubmarine, to perzue my… to pursue my nemesis… (though this means Iron Republic) … higher notability? (I’m not quite capped out, but I’ll have to carousel quite a while to gain more BDR as I’m down to the hard and low return ones)…

I’ve been shut out of court, but I’ve not yet opened my own department at the university.
I don’t have a ship, but I could get the tramp steamer easily enough. 8 hours.
I’ve not yet captured jack, (I intend to BE jack) my box has intreaged a few times, but I’ve not done the kingmaker or such yet.

Firstly, you can only upgrade them at Christmas, so there’s that.
As for a breakdown of where you can get stuff:

Antique mysteries can be gained from thefts of particular character in the flit, or through the Fidgeting Writer

Bazaar permits can be gained from many sources: Thefts of particular character being a good one, but you could obviosly also go heisting for touching love stories and convert these. I’d recommend getting a 4/5-card lodging before that, though.

Brilliant souls can also, strangely enough, be gained from thefts of particular character. If you do it with the different kinds of items route, you should get the ring from conversions or the fidgeting writer.
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So, get my gang of hoodlems, and then grind up the bits while increasing my shadowy, best way?

ponder looks like I’m short on rosygold. Ring fights unfinished buisness is 150 each time. 10 times to progress 1 more point. Sure, that won’t take too long.
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You’ll also need 8 use of villains, so you know =)

As I’m not an enforcer, looks like dealing with an assassin, working up deadly prominence and dramatic tension?

Either that or spending secrets in the side-streets. Either will do decently.

Secrets looked like a bit of a grind, course if I’m not spending them to get my foot in the door, grinding them into use of villians might …


Antique mysteries? The easiest way would actually be convert your professional perks to trade secrets, then to “something else”. It is the best use of trade secrets anyway.

You could also become a mystic or a correspondant for antique mysteries

Can side convert all your 50 pence items into brilliant souls/visions of the surface/mysteries of the elder continenent and then convert up (or not, for the souls)

Also if your shadowy is low enough (133 or lower I think) that the success rate on &quotSet your gang of hoodlums to business&quot is below 80 percent you are better off not using them.
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