39 pieces of warm amber that I have no use for.

I can’t sell them at the Bazaar, I don’t have the ambition for which they are useful, I’ve long since acquired better Persuasive weapons. I know there’s an opportunity card to trade for regular amber, but 39 times?

…this has been me getting an unimportant but annoying thing off my chest, thank you. Though if anybody knows something else I can do with the dratted stuff, I’d be pleased to know!

Their main use would be getting rubbery favors, yeah. If you end up collecting 100 of the things, you can trade them in in bulk.

It’s not particularly cost effective to spend in bulk, actually. You get 12.5 echoes in trembling amber instead of 50 in deep amber, but still only one favour. The favours are worth 420 echoes when turned in and also let you make use of an otherwise lousy to mediocre card.

Personally I have trouble actually drawing the rubbery card fast enough to spend the damn things. If one has a high income of them then they may have no choice.

It’s easy to get a ton from expeditions, some low level bundles of oddities (like the society/TC conflict card), and the revolutionaries/rubbery conflict card (which I use when I have extreme excess of revolutionary favors).

Yeah, I guess I’ll have to wait for the opportunity card. Though I haven’t seen it pretty much at all in the last month or so. (My blasted albino rat, on the other hand…)