1895 Confession tracking sheet

Greetings, my delicious!
As it is possible that the sheet that I made last week was lost and I am not that active these days, I decided to make this thread!
Here you can find a sheet that I hope will help you manage your confessions and plan your Notability to get the best possible results.

Just copy+paste it in a Google sheet and start adding numbers under &quotCurrent&quot column for each confession
Seems that excel doesn’t like this sheet anymore after just downloading it. Feel free to contact if you find a workaround!
When done with a companion, just edit the confessions by adding/removing something from the name of the confession
Illuminated Rat - Contrarian - d Cheery Man - d (for example, I added &quot- d&quot so It’ll be excluded, but I visualize that I got that one)

If you wish to know how many confessions you need for Feducci’s Favour, just add the amount you need next to the corresponding row (Feducci favours)
If you have too many confession (negative number under Req column) it will convert those confessions to possible favours which you can get in that specific moment.
1st and 2nd Feducci Fav will display the number of required confessions; priority are second weeks confessions to get the smallest possible number (even if harder to come by). I find that lower amount of required confessions is more important than their Fav value!
Last, if you are oki with everything, next to Total it will display that you already have too many confessions (and how many there are).