100 fate?!!!

Why, how, what

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Impermanant is the opposite of permanant, right? as in, this is temporary? What is it about? That’s an absurd cost, what could justify that ?

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An equipment better, in it’s slot, than any other option… I have no idea why anyone’s willing to do it, but it does offer new content, it’s &quotonly $25,&quot and some people like the game that much. It also does offer other functions, i think, but i don’t know what they are.

Please don’t post screen shots of fate content. That’s from flute street so it counts as fate content and is against forum rules to screen shot, especially in large amounts like that. Just mentioning “the 100 fate thing” is sufficient. There is only one thing that costs that much, and it more or less describes it on the purchase branch.

See it as an easter egg for really dedicated players… it’s nothing you really need -

unless you want a rubbery spouse later.

can you clarify that? what does it do? Which slot?

As mentioned above, you need to take that option if you want the ‘best’ (from a min/maxer’s point of view) spouse in the game. +3 bizarre is not to be sneezed at. Plus she has a card in the opportunity deck (okay, that might actually be a negative, but eh).

Are we sure it’s a &quotshe?&quot

The card you get the Boneless Consort from mentions that the Rubbery Man you’re doing business with seems female, but if you prefer to think that the Boneless Consort is a different Rubbery Man than the usual one you give Warm Amber to then it could also be male. Depends on your preference.

You can never be sure with rubbery men, but the one you can marry is called a she in her opportunity card.
I guess it can still be both, just use whatever headcanon you prefer. I know mine’s female.