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To remember what was, as insurance against future trips to the Na-
In memory of a lost soul, given in service to Empress and Empire.

Thurman Credge
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Old enough to have seen it all, young enough to get in the thick of things.

Height: Tall. An ex-grenadier, with all the physique required for the job.
Build: Mountainous, but within the bounds of possibility.

Skin color: On the tanned side of white, from a long series of campaigns. Gradually growing paler as the years and scars pile up. Black veins are visible in the thinner areas of skin.
Eye color: Black as the dark of the zee, flecked with the grey of storms.
Hair color: Pelegin. As it turns out zee monster flesh has a lot of Pelegin in it.
Hair style: Close-cropped and trimmed in the military style.
Usual clothing: A suit, cut in the military style. He might not be part of the Army, but he’s d*** well going to look like he does! When he’s out fighting wrongdoers, being a wrongdoer, or stabbing gribbly things, a suit of Khanate plate, fashioned in the usual style.
Usual demeanor: Blunt, aggressive, and straightforward. On the Surface, Credge wasn’t known for his mastery of subtlety, but his time in the Neath has rounded him, albeit only slightly. Always willing to join a fight, and usually prepared to start one.
Voice: Baritone.

Other remarkable details: Credge is almost always at least slightly wounded, and a network of scars, both intentional and incidental, crisscrosses his body. Usually armed with a long bone harpoon which drinks the screams of those it kills.

His lodgings are registered to a nonsense pseudoname, allegedly chosen because he wasn't thinking about it at the time.
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A Monster Hunter
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Scarlet Bronte
Scarlet Bronte
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Scarlet Bronte is a young lady in her early twenties, though she has passed for much younger and older when it suited her whims.
Her petite stature and soft curves paired with her often innocent demeanor give most the impression that she is a delicate little thing, though when you get to know her she is anything but.

When the sun kisses her skin, her heart-shaped face has a smattering of freckles. Since she's moved underground, her already fair skin has become almost porcelain. Her hair has similarly faded from an intense red that shone like rostygold to a deep auburn. She often wears her long, wavy hair down and wrapped around her body like a protective blanket. She often plays with it when she pretends to think no one is looking.

She knows the power of the right outfit, and prides herself on being able to dress for any occasion, whether it's hobnobbing with high society or knocking back a few pints with her Zailor acquaintances. The pride of her wardrobe is her elegant blue dress. When she dons this she knows she could charm the masters themselves into believing just about anything.

She's sometimes just a bit too clever for her own good. She prides her wit above almost all else and loves nothing more than to command a room with her quick barbs and cheeky commentary. She plays her cards close to her chest and flashes from feigned innocence to shameless flirtation at the drop of a hat. Her command of such rooms is almost always bolstered by her twinkling slate blue eyes, rosebud lips and effervescent laughter. When in polite company, she uses a light, airy voice. When she's more comfortable, her voice relaxes into a huskier tone.

When asked about her heritage, she rarely gives a straight answer, though many among society swear she is related to that one Duke or a Lady they can't quite recall but are certain is reputable. She has a soft spot for weasels, a fact that has not escaped her many suitors, which has resulted in her amassing quite the collection of furry friends. She calls this collection "The Plucky Platoon" and is more than happy to escape her societal obligations for an evening in their company. She strives to be calculated, though she is given to impulse when she sees adventure on the horizon.

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Cosette des Fleurs
Cosette des Fleurs
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An excerpt of a letter by Mr Sutterfield to his sister:

You asked about Mlle Cosette des Fleurs; my first impression of her was … insubstantial. Which is an unusual thing to say about a woman easily a head taller than me, but there you are. She is certainly over six feet in height, is slender as a willow sapling, and moves with feline grace. It is her colour, however, that truly made me think ‘insubstantial’—almost wraith-like is how I would describe it. Her skin is like new snow (you remember snow, don’t you?), her hair is fine and blonde and her lips are rosé. Only her eyes flash real colour, and these are almost unavoidable in their intensity of ice blue.

So much for her appearance. In conversation, her voice is a quiet contralto—very pleasing, in fact—but her topics of conversation baffle me. I must own that I had a terribly difficult time following her … there was something about the rites of Sappho; a story by Le Fanu that apparently has many fine points but also many inaccuracies and—in her words—‘une fin triste et horrible;’ and the great aesthetic pleasure derived from fine neck lines. Make of it what you will. Oh yes—and, improbable as it seems—she is something of a hunter, if my understanding is correct.

Mlle Cosette des Fleurs: The-Not-Entirely-Canonical Monster Hunter. Delicious roleplaying relished.
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Well since i've made a new character, both for RP purposes and game purposes i'll post their appearance now too.
Name: Jimmy Casket
Gender: Male? Female? Indistinct
Race: Human
Age: 26
height: 6'1
build: Athletic
Skin color: Caucasian
eye color: red
hair color: dark brown
hair style: messy
clothing: He commonly wears a brown cloak, simple pants, and sometimes no shoes. Often covered in blood he is commonly seen carrying a knife, typically a bloody knife.
Demeanor: Jimmy is insane, and yet he does have moments of calm. Upon arriving in the neath he realized he had one goal. find the jack of smiles. Jimmy tends to stab those who get close to him, and if he's nice to you that usually means he is planning something. He'll stab anything and anyone.

Anarchetype: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Anarchetype
My Seeker alt: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Chase%20Stein
Jimmy Casket: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Jimmy%20Casket
All invites are welcome. Please no seeker betrayals.
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